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Fox ERP Functionality
Fox ERP has a host of built-in integrations with popular applications such as Google, Dropbox, AWS, Razorpay, PayPal, Shopify and WooCommerce And much more.....
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Selling and Buying
  • Customer Support / Help Desk
  • Projects
  • HR
  • Manufacturing
  • Allows you to create a configurable chart of accounts to
    manage accounting ledgers
  • Records transactions using journal entry or payment
    entry (multi-currency)
  • Maintain cost centers and budgeting
  • Bill your customers and send payment requests
  • Provides you with consolidated financial statements if you
    have multiple companies.
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  • Enable you to automate your sales teams’ tasks and track their efficiency
  • Manages the entire customer lifecycle, right from generating the leads to the final sales conversion
  • Allows you to send and receive emails from Fox ERP, directly analyze customer acquisition and loyalty reports to find customer’s YoY Revenue.
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  • Allows batch numbering by storing the stocks
  • Maintain serial numbers for the inventory based on the stocks
  • Provides you with your warehouse locations in the form of a hierarchical tree
  • Maintain price lists for the items in various currencies
  • Evaluate inventory valuation periodically
  • Manage your vendors
  • Manage procurement of materials with material requests
  • Create automatic material requisition requests
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  • Takes care of the queries raised by customers from the Issue portal
  • Automates support tickets to your customer support team to resolve the query
  • Handles numerous queries via call/email
  • Maintains SLA's (Service Level Agreements) and tracks fulfillment
  • Provides articles directly from issue tickets to increase knowledge base
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  • Provides project templates for numerous repetitive tasks
  • Assigns team members to various tasks
  • Allows real-time chat with your internal team members, removing the need for external communication tools
  • Billing the customers for deliverables
  • Enable customer access to check the status of the ongoing tasks
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  • Attract and retain talent through Talent Acquisition Management
  • Manages employee information
  • Trains and onboards employees
  • Manages employee attendance, leaves, loans, advances, and expenses
  • Configures salary structures and payroll processing
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  • Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) Shop-floor Management & Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Automatic Material Request
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Subcontracting
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Business Advantages of Fox ERP
Fox ERP (powered by ERPNext) offers unparalleled advantages over any conventional ERP. Fox ERP is user-friendly because of its simple & elegant UI, which allows the users to achieve maximum output with minimal clicks
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    Excellence and Consistency
    Simple but powerful platform, provides a high-quality solution, elegant UI, & various industry-specific features out-of-the-box
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    The model for the development is RAD (Rapid Application Development), which allows for faster feedback, more flexible scope, and quicker changes
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    Zero Touch Implementation
    With its excellent documentation and video tutorials, it can be self-implemented seamlessly. It’s a ‘Do It Yourself’ ERP. It has a zero-touch approach and agile methodology for ERP implementation.
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    Low Total Cost of Ownership
    The TCO of Fox ERP is much less than other vendors. All in all, Fox ERP is the key to a sustainable future with its low TCO and a highly deliverable platform.
What makes us different?
When choosing an ERP provider, we know you have a lot of companies to pick from. And it’s a big decision. One that could determine the success of your implementation project and affect your business for years to come. At first, many of your options may seem the same on the surface. But it’s important to keep in mind, like most things in life they are not all created equal. So, to help you decide whether we are the right ERP partner for you, here are the top five reasons our clients chose us.
  • 1
    We Are Knowledgeable and Experienced
  • 2
    Our Employees Get Involved and Care about Our Customer’s Success
  • 3
    We are an ERP Reseller and more, a One-Stop Shop for All Your Business Technology Needs
  • 4
    We Have Deep Industry Expertise
  • 5
    We Are Much More Than a ERP Reseller, We Are Your Business Partner