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Project Management in Industry 4.0 with Fox ERP’s Project module

Organizations deals with multiple projects at any single given point in time. While ensuring the effective delivery of projects, managing them efficiently also adds value to the entire project portfolio. Companies are becoming more aware of this and taking initial steps to manage their projects effectively. The ongoing digital transformation, too, has added more value to how projects are managed.

Manufacturing just got easier with Fox ERP for Manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry has its own nuances. Just like any other industry, the manufacturing sector also depends on many aspects. From delivering value to driving growth and easing the manufacturing processes, organizations in Industry 4.0 focus massively on operations, supply chain, and distribution cycles.

Driving Agro tech with “Fox ERP for Agriculture” in Industry 4.0

Agriculture is one of the oldest occupations in the entire world. It is something that has its roots back then to the initial stages of humankind, when farming practices became the survival tool for that generation, providing it with much-needed food in the form of plants.

Utilizing HR & Payroll Management with Fox ERP’s HR Module

Human Resources is one of the vital elements of an organization, as it takes care of the people who take care of the businesses, which, in turn, takes care of the entire organization. People management, as we know, is not only limited to managing the employees or the workforce per se but also refers to the overall management of how businesses are carried out.

Leveraging Agro Tech with “Fox ERP for Agriculture”

Farming is one of the most significant inventions that humankind has made. It heads back to thousands of years ago when agricultural practices were first introduced. Call it a means of survival by producing crops and vegetables or a necessity to human civilization. Still, agriculture has played a pivotal role in shaping any economy in the world.

Digitizing the Services space with “Fox ERP for Services”

Services is one of the most consumer-based industries. It is one sector that focuses excessively on consumer behavior to drive profits, leverage profits, and brings efficiency to the businesses.

The Road Ahead for Manufacturing: Digitizing Manufacturing with Fox ERP for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is labor-extensive. It encompasses machines, equipment, human labor, and several processes that lead to the entire value chain of manufacturing.

Driving Agriculture business digitally with Fox ERP

The agriculture sector is primarily unorganized. Nations also benefit from deriving agricultural output that further adds to the nation’s economy.

Leveraging Digitization in Manufacturing with Fox ERP

The manufacturing industry is one of the massive industries across the world. From the procurement of materials, manufacturing, and designing of products to finished products

Digitized Manufacturing processes with Fox ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic emergence has resulted in a lot of challenges. Along with the plethora of challenges

Transforming Agricultural Businesses with Fox ERP

Agricultural activities are pivotal for the economy of any country. Agricultural activities vary widely. From crop management to

Services industry sees a new vision with digitized business practices.

COVID-19 pandemic shook the world entirely, bringing the entire livelihood to a halt and making the businesses ho upside down.