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Utilizing HR & Payroll Management with Fox ERP’s HR Module

Human Resources is one of the vital elements of an organization, as it takes care of the people who take care of the businesses, which, in turn, takes care of the entire organization. People management, as we know, is not only limited to managing the employees or the workforce per se but also refers to the overall management of how businesses are carried out.

Digitizing the Services space with “Fox ERP for Services”

Services is one of the most consumer-based industries. It is one sector that focuses excessively on consumer behavior to drive profits, leverage profits, and brings efficiency to the businesses.

Digitizing Education Business practices with Fox ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of doing business in almost every industry across the sectors.

Re-defining Manufacturing Processes Digitally with Fox ERP

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. It led to digitization, which initially came as a need and has become necessary.

Unleashing the businesses’ potential with Fox ERP

ERP holds utmost benefits, huge advantages, and unparalleled advantages as the world know it. With the rise in digital transformation

Major ERP Trends that make it a must-have system in the Businesses

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) remains the much-needed system in the COVID and post COVID era.