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Work from Home Productivity Tips

August, 2021

Work from home is evolving, and is here to stay! It is good to know that work happens outside the office too. Though there are many challenges for remote working, it can be turned into something extremely productive when carried out using proper planning.

As work from home is flexible, it increases productivity and helps employees to lead healthier lifestyles. In this blog, let’s go through some productivity tips to help remote workers to embrace their full potential and become efficient and successful.

How to be Productive at Home

Get Ready for Your Work Day

During these remote working days, pajamas will be your favorite outfit. And we don’t bother to dress up as all of us are in our comfort zones.

But that’s not how it should be. It will help if you get ready as you usually do. It is not necessary to get dressed up formally. Getting out of your sleepwear will create a sign in your mind to wake up and get your work done. This way, it helps to increase productivity.

It would be best if you took a shower in the morning, doing your hair and minimal makeup- that’s all you want to keep you fresh and productive throughout the day. This can also help you impress your co-workers during video meetings, for you have to face your remote teams at least once every day.

Maintain Regular Hours

While you are working remotely, create a schedule and stick to it. Maintaining clear guidelines will help you to have a balanced work-life. Remote working provides you enough flexibility, but you should remember to set a schedule at first and distribute time wisely. Sometimes you need to log in early or extend your day to fit someone else’s time zone; if so, you should make sure you get enough sleep to be active for your next morning.

Buy a great chair

As a knowledge worker, you may be spending hours in front of your computer. So during these remote work days, it would benefit you if you invest in a good computer, good phone, and a comfortable and ergonomically fit chair.

If you are uncomfortable with your seating, it will affect your health and also productivity. Buying a chair is an investment for you because work from home is here to stay.

Set priorities

You should spend some time every day organizing your workflow. Prioritize the work from high to low priority and create to-do lists. Make use of sticky notes to remember tasks. During the breaks, make sure you are putting yourself to finish the tasks from time to time.

Schedule breaks

While working remotely, remember to give yourself adequate breaks. At least take a walk for 5 minutes once every hour, as it will get your blood circulating and some screen off time for your eyes. Don’t sit for hours continuously in front of your screens; remember to take micro-breaks of 10-20 seconds every hour.

Turn off your notifications

It really works to turn off notifications on your phone and computers. It improves your attention and keeps you focused. During your productive working time, stay away from social media and put your full potential into your work. Once you are done, pop your head back and see if you have missed anything.

De-clutter your home office

As you are working from home, many things may find their way into your working space and may distract your work in one way or the other. Purge things out at least once a week and make your work office looks productive. You can even place some indoor plants around the corner and some hanging or craftworks.

Don’t procrastinate

At the end of the day, analyze your to-do list and ensure that you have done everything on it. Doing 90% of it and leaving the rest for the next day each time will make a huge burden for you at last. So don’t constantly push things off to another day and find time to do all your tasks. We are also not sure; if an emergency interrupts you in between, it will put you back further.

Take care of yourself

During your remote working days, ensure you eat a good breakfast and don’t work when hunger pangs kick in. So remember to set a time for breaks and lunchtimes.

Wrap up!

It is essential to stay productive while working remotely. I hope the above tips will help you boost your productivity. Figure out what works best for you, as there are no universal one-size fits all formula for this.

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