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How To Encourage Better Work-Life Balance for Your Team

How To Encourage Better Work-Life Balance for Your Team

September, 2022

In today’s decentralized workplace, finding a perfect line between professional and personal lives is becoming increasingly blurred as we work from home.

Not long ago, the situation was not the same. Finding a perfect work-life balance was to leave the office on time. For some, it was about finding more time to spend with their kids and family, while for others, it was about finding time to meet up with friends and go to gyms. Also, companies organized one- or two-day work from home per week to attract top talents.

The unprecedented impact of the pandemic has completely changed the nature of work-life balance. Today many employees struggle hard to find a perfect balance between work and life as they work from home full time. Though the daily commute disappeared, it has replaced other challenges, and often the work from home bleed into the evening and even to night at times.

Work-life balance strategies to support your employees

Employees’ overall health and general well-being can be enhanced by improving their work-life balance. Additionally, it may help to raise their morale, motivation, and general job satisfaction, enhancing employee productivity at work.

A good work-life balance enables one to create perfect harmony with physical, emotional, financial, and mental well-being.

Identify productivity peaks

So long as the quality of the work is not affected, it does not matter when in the day work happens. For some, they may be productive and creative the most during the early morning. They can do stay more productive with the fresh start of the day, while others may prefer to work more during the afternoon or at any other time of the day.

As long as the work gets done in a flexible environment, it does not matter in which part of the day your employees work. Employees should structure their workloads around their most productive periods in order to avoid procrastination and frustration due to a lack of productivity.

Offer more flexibility

Flexible working arrangements can act as a key differentiator in the eyes of competitors. It reflects how a business can support employees with a broader work-life balance. Flexible working hours have been shown considerably to increase job satisfaction and make employees more productive.

It can have many benefits like increasing employee engagement and motivation, reducing employee turnover, increasing employee retention, and cutting absenteeism.

Support employees with technology

Employers can support the team in a better work-life by offering appropriate technology to carry out the day-to-day tasks hassle-free.

Integrating the right tools will help to streamline or automate routine manual tasks and make employees more organized and productive. Communication and collaboration tools can also create a great impact on remote teams.

Encourage staff to take annual leave

Annual leave can provide many benefits to employees and the business. It enables employees to de-stress and come back to work with more energy, motivation, and productivity. Encourage employees to take annual leaves so that they can fully switch off and get back with full energy.

Promote fun and creativity

Allowing employees to flex their creative muscles is another way to boost their mental health and make work more fun. This will foster teamwork, better communication, and resolve issues that employees face. Team leaders must consider including regular teamwork activities to keep your employees connected, laughing, and having fun at work.

Don’t spend breaks doing tasks.

It can be challenging to take breaks during your work, especially when you are working from home. A short break can turn into a whirlwind session of doing household, paying bills, cleaning, etc. Instead, take this time to indulge in having some “me time” to prioritize your well-being.

To sum up

Remember, work-life balance does not come as a single factor. It is not merely about the number of hours you worked, or the vacations taken. All employees require back support to thrive in the workplace and to maintain a healthy, productive, and happy work style. Make sure employees have optimal work-life balance amidst the crucial schedules.

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