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How are Standard Leaves managed in FOX HR?

February, 2022

FOX HR Leaves Management Module

 In FOX HR, the Leave Management policy consists of the master data configuration of all leave policies.

The pathway to leave management in FOX HR is as given:

Fox HR → Customer Configuration → HR Policies → Leave Management

Below are the sections available under Leave Management:

  • Annual vacation
  • Standard leaves
  • Holiday settings
  • Business trip settings

How to access Standard Leaves in FOX HR

Fox HR→ Customer Configuration → HR Policies → Leave Management → Standard Leaves.

In the dropdown menu of Leave management, the second option shall be ‘Standard Leaves.’ When the user clicks on the ‘Standard Leaves’ option, the system will navigate to a new page. The page shall be the Standard Leaves view and configuration page.

Labor Law default Leaves

Labor Law default Leaves are leaves that are applicable as per labor law. There are approximately ten leaves specified by the Saudi labor law, which are available under the ‘Labor law default leaves. These leaves are predefined, and the user shall not be able to delete any of these leaves but, if required, can modify the number of leave days if there is any change in labor law.

There shall be a fieldset to group the Labor Law default Leaves. This field set shall be named as ‘Labor Law default Leaves.’

The default leaves shall be displayed in a card format with the details on the card. Each card shall have the following display fields in it.

  • Casual leave
  • Emergency leave
  • Death leave
  • Hajj leave
  • Marriage leaves
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Sick leaves
  • Unpaid leave
  • Widow leave

Custom Leaves

Custom Leaves are leaves that are created and maintained by the admin users. The user can define multiple custom leaves in Fox HR with respect to the company’s requirements.

There shall be a field set to group the Custom Leaves. This field set shall be named ‘Custom Leaves.’ These leaves shall be displayed in a card format with the details on the card. 

When the user clicks on the edit button, a pop-up shall appear to edit the number of days of the leave type. The pop-up shall have the following details:

  • Leave Name (En)- The name of the Leave type in English shall be captured here. This field shall be a text field and a mandatory field.
  • Leave Name (Ar)- The name of the Leave type in Arabic shall be captured here. This field shall be a text field and a mandatory field.
  • Days per Year – The title name shall be ‘Days per Year.’
  • Days – The number of leave days for the leave type per year shall be defined here. There shall be a text field where users can enter the leave days in whole numbers.
  • Applicable Organization or Groups – The Custom Leave can be defined for the complete organization or can be applied to specifically defined by the organizational hierarchy elements such as Company, Business Unit, Division & Department. 
  • Save (or) Cancel the changes made to the details by clicking the ‘Save’ / ‘Cancel’ button.

To sum up

In FOX HR, employee leaves are categorized under different sections for ease of handling. Employees can easily apply for the leaves based on their requirements. HR teams and employees can have transparency on employee leave details. 

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