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Enhance Employee Experience with FOX HR Mobile App

Enhance Employee Experience with FOX HR Mobile App

February, 2022

Advanced technologies and mobile communication have become inevitable aspects of the digital transformation happening in the workplace.

Incorporating human resource mobile applications like FOX HR can help increase employee engagement, enhance transparency, and thus improve the employer brand.

FOX HR mobile application can handle an array of important HR services like employee attendance, leaves, payrolls, employee self-service, etc. It delivers more mobility and flexibility for the employees.

FOX HR mobile application provides freedom for the employees to perform HR tasks directly from their devices at any time or anywhere. 

It supports the employees to do their work regardless of individual locations and work patterns.

Employees can initiate and respond to workflows directly from the FOX HR application.

It enables employees to go through their leave balances, request for leave, attendance reports, payroll details, create expense requests, and many more, regardless of the time and place.

Keep the workforce productive.

FOX HR mobile application delivers a smooth onboarding experience for the employees, and it plays an efficient role in enhancing the employee experience from day one.

Especially in the days of work from anywhere, HR mobile application is something that cannot be neglected.

Enhance productivity with FOX HR

To keep your staff organized, digital workspaces must be focused on efficiency. The world is becoming increasingly mobile, networked, and individualized. Give your team the same current experiences at work that they have in their personal lives.

FOX HR enables you to integrate all of your employee’s details in one place. It streamlines onboarding, retains talent, and more using the mobile app.

Easy access to employee service requests

FOX HR enables employees to create various types of requests, including leave requests, business trip requests, expense claim requests, resignation and delegation requests, excuse and missing punch requests, asset requests, loan requests, overtime requests, and many more.

Employee requests can be streamlined using tailored workflows in the FOX HR application.

Empower employees with employee self-service portal

To keep your employees productive, it is essential to have employee self-service tools in the HR platform. It can make your employees happy, engaged, and productive simultaneously. Since employees can centralize knowledge, it helps them clarify their questions easily.

With an intelligent help desk, your employees will spend less time hunting for solutions and more productive time.

With knowledge articles and open cases, everyone in your business can locate the information they need.

Final thoughts

For employees to do their best, initially, they need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. They want their employers to ensure safety while on the job and care for their overall wellbeing.

Introducing FOX HR mobile application in workplaces will ensure that your employees get enough resources and support they need across geographies, offices, and more.s

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