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An In-depth Understanding of FOX HR Leave Module

January, 2022

FOX HR Leave management policy help employees and the HR department have a transparent vision of employee leave details. 

An efficient leave management system helps employees to have reduced manual errors and manage leaves efficiently.

Let us know more about various leave policies, leave details, leave history, and so on.

  1. Leave management system

Once the user opens the FOX HR web app or mobile app, employees can click on the ‘Leaves’ option from the leftmost panel to access all the details regarding employee leaves.

A normal employee can view and access their personal data only. Managers and supervisors shall have details for all the employees reporting to them.

HR Administrator or HR Manager shall have the details of all the employees in their organization.

In general, the access for employee leave section shall be concerning the roles and permissions of the accessing employee.

1.1) Leaves summary page

When clicking on the Leaves menu, the system shall navigate to the Leave Summary page. On this page, there shall be three summary elements as shown below:

  • Employees with 30+ days balance
  • Highest annual leaves balance
  • Most comment annual policy

Also, there are options for HR teams to ‘search’ and ‘filter’ specific employees or leave.

1.2 Edit Annual leave policy and leave balance

HR Admins shall have access to edit the Annual Leave Policy and Leave Balance for a specific employee by clicking on the edit option under ‘Actions’ in the grid for that employee. The HR Admin shall navigate to the Leaves edit page when clicked on edit.

The purpose of the edit leave feature is to enable the HR teams (HR Manager, HR Administrator, HR Admin Employee, HR Specialist) to edit the current annual leave balance of the employee. 

Once clicked, a new page shall be displayed listing the predefined annual leave policies in Fox HR; the user shall be able to select a leave policy and save the new policy assigned to the employee.

This change in the annual leave policy shall NOT affect past accrued annual leave days, and the change shall only reflect on the future periods starting from the following day to the policy change date.

The system shall be able to differentiate between the accrued annual leave balance days and then manually enter annual leave days for reporting purposes.

1.3 View leave balance and leave history

In the FOX HR leave module, there exist options to view leave details and history of the selected employees.

The employees and the HR department can view the remaining leaves, no: of casual leaves, sick leaves, and annual leaves used, and the pending leaves can also be viewed from here.

1.3.1 Annual leave details

Employees and HR teams can access the annual leave details from this section. The leave details shall be represented in a graphical representation along with details such as annual leave days, previous year balance, end of year balance, no: of leaves used this year, and the up to data balance shall be included.

1.3.2 Other leave details

A separate graph shall display the leaves used and balance for the period for all other leaves. This will have all leaves other than annual leave.

This will include the details such as work from home leave, sick leaves, casual leaves, unpaid leaves, etc.

1.3.3 Leaves history

The history of all leaves taken by the employee shall be listed in a tabular form grouped by each leave type for the user to view separately.

To sum up

FOX HR provides every minute detail regarding employee leave policies in the Leave management module. It helps to reduce errors and confusion and makes the whole process accurate and error-free. Streamline the leave management process, keep all your employees informed, and stay updated with FOX HR platform. 

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