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10 Simple Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

August, 2021

Employee recognition and employee appreciation have become integral aspects of every business firm. For a great business, their company culture is about building honesty and trust, and it comprises a great team of employees.

It is human nature that when people are appreciated for the work they do, they will enjoy and love doing that work. Even a small gesture like ‘thank you will help to boost their productivity and keeps them motivated.

Here are some great employee appreciation ideas! Here we go!

Celebrate “Employee Appreciation Day”

Why not celebrate “Employee Appreciation Day” in your organization? It is celebrated every year on the first Friday of March. Take this special occasion to appreciate all your employees for their valuable and powerful contribution.

Employees are the greatest asset of every organization, so to make them feel valued is very important. Organize small office parties (but not possible during this remote working time), reward your employees with token or gift cards, host happy hours, etc.

A Small ‘Thank You’ Can Reflect More

It may sound quite simple, but it can significantly impact your employees’ minds when the boss says Thank you to the team. These small gestures can help to keep your employees honored.

It is a notion that managers and leaders are bossy and unreachable, so a work of gratitude from the boss can be a heart-melting moment for the employees.

Recognize Your Employees Publicly

Every positive word from your boss can act as a morale booster. A small step to praise your employees can help them achieve more. So next time, appreciate your employees in front of the colleagues and team members.

Offer A Gift Card

Of course, people indeed love gift cards! It is one of the greatest ideas to offer gift cards for your employees as a token of appreciation. Before that, get to know your employees’ tastes and give gift cards tailored to their needs.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Appreciation from colleagues can be equally or more beneficial than from one’s team lead/manager. It is good to hear from the mouth of your colleagues about your good qualities. So next time, remember to appreciate and congratulate each other on a job well done.

The employee of the Month

Every company will have excellent team members. But they often fail to get recognized and appreciated. Researchers say that the significant reason behind employees leaving their jobs is the lack of recognition and appreciation. Employee recognition helps build a positive work culture, increases employee morale, and can provide healthy competition among peers. An impression that their efforts will eventually pay off arises in your employees’ minds when the best performer is being selected every month.

Social Media Posts

Social media is a great influencer of the time. You can snap a photo, create a hashtag and post it on social media when your employees achieve something commendable. It is one of the boosters for employees. You can also make sure that the entire team sees it. Never hesitate to give the credit they deserve.

Celebrate Work Anniversaries and Birthdays

Every year there are special days we look forward to. Celebrate your employees’ milestones by organizing fun parties. Make these special days a time to appreciate them.

Offer Great Perks and Benefits

Give additional benefits for your employees, including bonuses, pension plans, health insurance, maternity/paternity leaves to show them they are appreciated. Satisfied employees will remain an asset to your organization and show more dedication and improved work quality.

Listen to Your Employees

Make time to listen to your employees. Their valuable feedbacks are to be always considered. Show concern towards their suggestions and comments. This can help you to provide a better work environment.

Final thoughts

Employee appreciation is closely tied to enhanced productivity, employee engagement, morale, retention, satisfied employees, and much more. The way you show value and respect matters! We hope the above-mentioned simple tips can help you build a positive workspace and happy and satisfied employees. Always stay transparent, genuine, and respectful to your employees and lead the way…

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