Streamlining the Accounting Processes gets easier with Fox ERP’s Accounting Module

Streamlining the Accounting Processes gets easier with Fox ERP's Accounting Module

Sep 2022

Accounting is a process of maintaining the records of all financial transactions of an organization.

Businesses drive their outputs, sell their products, and implement their services. It all comes down to square one regarding operating revenue and profits, where the significance e of accounting gets quadrupled.

Accounting eases the complete financial information an organization holds in its record books, providing the information needed for internal and external stakeholders.

However, in industry 4.0, the accounting practices are not the same again. With the rise in digitization and digital transformation prevailing all over, accounting, too, has acquired the digital mode of carrying out its tasks.

Companies are becoming more aware of utilizing digital accounting practices, implementing virtual transaction methods, and transforming their customer experience into a digital customer experience.
In this post-COVID era, digital accounting processes have become more significant than ever and are quickly becoming the industry norm.

With the introduction of advanced accounting software, more and more businesses are looking to avail it, introducing new and innovative tools to outnumber traditional accounting methods.

Research suggests that organizations incorporating digital tools and technologies in their accounting practices achieved better results than those lacking digital accounting methods.
The below-mentioned benefits propel the organizations to opt for a digitized accounting system, and that’s where they get benefitted from it.

1. Streamlined System

Although the manual accounting system was preferred by organizations earlier, the post-pandemic era has made it more significant.
Now, organizing the data and ensuring everything falls perfectly into place is not only complex but a cumbersome process, owing to the rise in multiple business processes.
Therefore, digital accounting comes in handy, which enables an organization to store its information in a specific area, with real-time access to essential details and information that can be accessed within a few clicks.

2. Accessibility to Financial Information

In a business these days, interdependence is the key to managing multiple transactions at any given time.
Departments are interlinked together, allowing small companies to outperform others.
A business where all the departments are interlinked creates a sound framework that outshines other competing companies.

3. Improved speed and productivity

Organizations with digital accounting processes help businesses keep a record of all the transactions on a monthly or yearly basis, which allows them to analyze the data and numbers accumulated to make business decisions, drive efficiency, and promote resilience.
Businesses that incorporate digital accounting practices drive improved speed and productivity, not only in their business functions but also in their financial performance.

“Fox ERP” is a software that helps businesses streamline their accounting practices within a few clicks.
With its accounting module, “Fox ERP” allows businesses to create a configurable chart of accounts to manage accounting ledgers and record transactions using journal entries in multi-currency format.
It also helps businesses maintain cost centers and budgeting processes, bill their customers, and provide auto-invoicing to save time on identical transactions.

Organizations have reported a significant rise in the efficiency of their business processes since they have embedded Fox ERP in their business operations.
It eases the entire accounting process of organizations by linking their bank statement, ensuring that their financials are synchronized providing them with consolidated financial statements, especially when dealing with multiple companies.


In Industry 4.0, with the introduction of digitized business practices, companies have shifted to digital modes in almost every aspect of their businesses.
Accounting is one of them, where organizations leverage the benefits by embedding digital accounting.

“Fox ERP’s Accounting module makes the entire accounting process easy by streamlining several facets of accounting, all within a few clicks.

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