Streamlining HR Activities with Fox ERP’s HR Module

Streamlining HR Activities with Fox ERP's HR Module

Jul 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have changed how they work, deliver output, and drive growth.
The pandemic that came out of nowhere has redefined the businesses, be it how the corporates work or the government agencies that help various stakeholders and the society to add value to their efficiency.

The same is observed in the HR industry too. HR and People management professionals are an integral part of any organization regardless of the business of the organization.

Digital transformation, which prevailed as a significant contributor to the rescue, survival, and thriving businesses in such changing times, is also playing an essential role in the HR industry.
Employees are the biggest asset of an organization. Hence, it’s an organization’s responsibility to make every possible effort to keep the employees happy and boost their morale.

Organizations today are taking several steps to improve employee engagement and make employees feel good about working in their organizations.
Still, they also contribute a massive role to ensuring that the employees in the organization are happy and content, both in terms of their efficiency and emotional well-being.

According to recently conducted research, the global market value of HRMS will reach USD 33 Billion by 2028. Factors such as managing employees’ details, rise in remote work models, and streamlining the HR processes result in vast numbers of HRMS.
Also, the rising demand for digitization is fuelling the growth of the HRMS market, enabling organizations to digitize their HR and HR-related tasks with utmost certainty.

Major Benefits of HRMS

Time and again, HRMS has eased the work carried out by the professionals, managing their HR-related tasks and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of both employees and the organizations.

Some of the significant benefits of HRMS include the following benefits

  • Empowerment of the employees

One of the most significant benefits of HRMS is Employee Self-Service, wherein, with a portal, it empowers employees to apply for leaves, use for work from home, view working hours, and raise a request for business cards, among others.

It not only boosts employee efficiency but also helps employees get simple things done faster, without involving HR and other departments.

  • Enhanced Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility allows employees to work from their own devices and any location.
It enables employees the freedom to work on the go, and the employee self-service portal adds more meaning by giving the employees the option to perform simple tasks within a few clicks, thereby enhancing enterprise mobility.

  • Streamlined HR Processes

Streamlining and digitizing the manual HR processes into digital ones remains one of the prominent advantages of having HRMS software.
With thousands of employees working in the organizations, managing them and their every little aspect consumes the time and effort of the HR department.
Using HRMS, organizations delegate simple tasks to employees through the employee self-service portal, creating a win-win situation for both employees and the organizations.

  • Increased Clarity

Having an increased clarity and focus on business is a significant contributor to the efficiency of an organization.
HRMS reduces the incurred costs, streamlines HR processes, and increases clarity for both individuals and organizations.

Fox ERP’s HR Module helps organizations with several HR-related activities such as attracting and retaining talent through Talent Acquisition Management, managing employee information, training and onboarding employees, and managing employee attendance, leaves, loans, advances, and expenses, all within a few clicks, by streamlining the HR and HR-related tasks.


HRMS is the future of HR practices. It digitizes, streamlines, and collaborates with challenging HR activities efficiently.

With HRMS, organizations achieve enhanced efficiency and increased productivity and contribute to the well-being of the employees.

“Fox HR, with its unparalleled benefits and unique advantages, remains the topmost HRMS provider in the market.

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