Stock and inventory processes get easier with Fox ERP’s “Stock and Inventory” Module

Stock and inventory processes get easier with Fox ERP's "Stock and Inventory" Module

Sep 2022

Organizations carry out their business with either products or services.
Each industry involved with products and items is categorized as maintaining its stock and inventory for its users, customers, or buyers, all the terms used interchangeably for the consumer of those products and items.

The significance of stock and inventory becomes even more critical when companies deal with many products and items, and that’s where the concept of stock and inventory comes to the forefront.

Businesses largely depend on stocks and inventory as it is a matrix for many business-related indices, such as higher revenue, enhanced productivity, and an amalgamation of financial information about an organization’s performance.
These products and items are known as stock and inventory in general industry-specific terms. Inventory management involves ordering, stocking, and using a business’s materials or products and providing them to its customers.
There are various types of inventories, like raw materials, cycle inventory, products, and items, among others, whose main aim is to avoid the chances of stockouts and to provide the customers with stock and inventory availability.

Recent research suggests that the global market value of retail sales will reach USD 27 trillion. Factors such as high internet penetration, a rise in the need for managing stocks and inventory, and a surge in e-commerce platform is fuelling the growth of the retail market, quadrupling the stock and inventory management.

However, in the post-pandemic era, stock and inventory management is not the same again, and it utilizes digitization of the process of managing stocks and inventory.
Furthermore, inventory management software has eased stock and inventory management, enabling businesses to drive growth, enhance productivity and promote resilience in their business processes.
The below-mentioned benefits are an outcome of the strategized management of stocks and inventory.

1. Prioritizes the Inventory

Digitized inventory management allows organizations to prioritize inventory by streamlining the items, materials, and equipment.
It further categorizes the inventory into priority groups that help organizations understand which items they need more frequently, enabling them to maintain the list in advance, avoiding instances of stockouts.

2. Tracks Product Information

Digital management of stocks and inventory allows organizations to track product information.
Managing critical information such as tracking SKUs, barcode data, suppliers, and countries of origin also helps monitor each item’s cost over time, avoiding chances of scarcity and seasonality.

3. Analyze Suppliers’ Performance

Digital management of stocks and inventory helps organizations analyze the suppliers’ performance.

An unreliable supplier creates issues for the organizations with deliveries increasing the risks of stockouts. Therefore, a digital stock and inventory management mode help businesses manage suppliers’ performance and digitize the entire management of supplies and inventory.

Apart from stock and inventory management software, something that has gained traction is ERP software.

Fox ERP’s Stock and Inventory module take care of several crucial retail processes such as batch numbering by storing the stocks, maintaining serial numbers for the inventory, providing the organizations with warehouse locations, and maintaining price lists for the items in various currencies.


Digital is the new normal, and so are the ways of doing business.
Digitization is widespread in businesses, and the same goes for retail and distribution businesses, where stock and inventory management plays a vital role.
Fox ERP’s Stock and Inventory module ease the entire management of an organization’s stocks and inventory, paving the way for a seamless streamlining and managing of items and products.

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