Smart Healthcare with “Fox ERP for Healthcare”

Smart Healthcare with “Fox ERP for Healthcare”

Apr 2022

The world has changed, the organizations have evolved, and business methods have taken an all-new form.
The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world and the way it functions. While the challenges that came with the pandemic are plenty, its opportunities for the world are no less.

Businesses leverage digital tools and technologies to drive innovation, form strategies and make actionable insights that fulfill their business goals and objectives.
Call it the rising advent of digitization or the global adoption of digitized business practices, but the digital transformation has turned the industry upside down.
Businesses are becoming self-dependent, individuals are driving more valuable insights, and corporates are evolving more with digitization in industry 4.0.
Manufacturing led to smart manufacturing, agricultural practices leveraging agro tech with smart agriculture practices, and retail businesses observing digitization and utilizing digital tools.
Similarly, healthcare, too, has become smart healthcare with streamlining of healthcare activities with automation and digital tools, technologies, and software.
According to recent research, the global smart healthcare market will reach USD 63 Billion by 2025.
This massive surge in the global market value of smart healthcare attributes to the rise in digitized business processes in patients’ healthcare services and the quick adoption of digital processes in healthcare.
The Healthcare industry is a patient extensive industry where patients are the consumers who take healthcare services, accommodate healthcare facilities, and leverage healthcare activities, all in digitally-driven ways.
Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, RPA, among others, are digitizing the healthcare business processes.
However, ERP software dominates the digital tools and technologies to streamline and digitize healthcare processes.
A recent survey found that hospitals that endure digitization in their business processes recorded more healthcare services and profits than the on-digitized hospitals.
This research also suggests the rising need for digitized business activities in the healthcare sector, leverages digital tools and technologies.

Benefits of Digitized Healthcare System

The benefits of a digitized healthcare system are plenty. A few of them are discussed below.

1. Connectivity

Digital healthcare services bridge the gap between the patients and healthcare service providers.
With EHR (electronic health records), patients’ data get stored, substituting the requirement for managing health records manually.
This leads to complete digitized data management, nullifying manual processes, ensuring robust connectivity among all.

3. Evaluation

Healthcare activities, unlike other sectors, are patients’ extensive.
Timely monitoring and evaluation of patients decreases the patient care time and enhances the overall healthcare activities.
Patients’ timely evaluation leads to a speedy recovery and improved healthcare service, resulting in an improved figure of happy patients.
“Fox ERP for Healthcare” is one such ERP software that stands out among several other major industry players in ERP.
Its unique features and unparalleled benefits make it one of the most preferred ERP products.
With “Fox ERP for Healthcare,” users can manage various essential activities in their healthcare business, such as creating a patient repository, maintaining healthcare practitioners and linking them to their employee documents, managing patients’ appointments, tracking real-time view of medicine and equipment availability, among others, all in a single unique system.
From maintaining patients’ repositories to creating billing and pricing requests via SMS and email notifications, Fox ERP helps users perform various healthcare-related activities with utmost ease.
Furthermore, its “Do it yourself” mode enables the easy and successful implementation of Fox ERP at the organizations.


With the rise in digitized business practices, the healthcare domain, too, is observing a surge in digitally transformed business activities.
Digital is the new normal, and to remain competitive in the new normal is adapting to the new normal of digital transformation in industry 4.0.
“Fox ERP for Healthcare” ensures digitized healthcare business processes by streamlining several business activities digitally.

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