Serving the clients effectively with “Fox ERP for Service.”

Serving the clients effectively with “Fox ERP for Service."

Mar 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of doing business. The world has undergone disruption, companies are getting digitized, and digital transformation is prevailing.
This thrust of digital transformation pushes organizations to leverage digital data, tools, and technologies in their business practices and gain actionable insights.

Gone are the days when organizations used to depend on traditional business practices for their decision-making. Now businesses are inching towards digitally-driven solutions to make an impact and gain a competitive advantage over others.
Since the pandemic emerged, organizations have either adopted a complete digital transformation or shifted to third-party integrations to drive their businesses.
According to recent research, almost 89% of businesses across the corporates have chosen digital transformation as their first business strategy.
The primary objective of digital transformation includes improved customer experience, increased operational workflow and agility, enhanced workforce, and better work culture.
However, these days, ERP software is some of the most preferred digital software prevalent.
The rising competition among the ERP vendors creates price differentiation among significant players.
However, rather than pricing, core ERP vendors rely on digital technologies that automate back-office functions, which makes ERP software different from other emerging technologies.
ERP is an enterprise application that integrates business operations and adds to product planning, inventory management, HR, and payroll.
The benefits that ERP offers outnumbers the return on investments in ERP software.
Initially, organizations were susceptible to investing in digital tools and technologies, owing to uncertainties regarding their benefits.
However, as time passed by, it has been observed that organizations are investing massively in digital tools and technologies and driving benefits from them.
Software such as ERP automates and streamlines the business processes and pushes existing business practices to improve business values.
A few challenges such as organizational change and the lack of required training and development programs to train employees on how to use a particular ERP software and reap benefits of it get observed in one way or the other.
Whenever a new digital tool or technology gets adopted by an organization, it undergoes a few changes, such as organizational change, change in BCPs (Business continuity plans), among others.
Organizations imply frameworks and guidelines that smooth the process of organizational change and implement tools that further help in technical and non-technical functionalities.
When it comes to the services industry, almost all processes are shifting towards digital transformation, making the deployment of services seamless, thereby enhancing customer experience.
Nevertheless, ERP products have successfully maintained their USP, which lies in their ability to streamline and digitize the business processes seamlessly.
“Fox ERP for Services,” the leading ERP software in the market, enables businesses to run their businesses more efficiently and smoothly by allowing organizations to understand their customers, know their leads, and build a reputation among various stakeholders.
With “Fox ERP for Service,” users get hosting and support services to overcome several business challenges.
Its unique features allow businesses to run campaigns to increase customer acquisition, create subscriptions for their services, and reward regular customers with loyalty points.
It also sets maintenance visits and schedules to manage customers’ issues and resolve them.
Furthermore, Fox ERP for Services” helps users send emails to multiple leads in one go by targeting the right market segment of a particular geographical area to achieve the organizations’ desired business goals.
Its “Help Desk” feature allows users to streamline service issues using real-time issues via configured dashboards and to assign tickets that enable them to respond to customers’ queries effectively.
These unique features and unparalleled benefits of Fox ERP make it one of the most preferred ERP software in the market.


Digital is the new normal, and so are the ways of doing business. With the rise in digitized business practices, organizations are becoming more aware of investing in digital tools and technologies.
However, few challenges restrain the growth of digitized business practices.
Still, ERP software such as Fox ERP comes with unique benefits that help organizations run smoothly, leveraging the benefits that digital transformation offers.

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