Serving different business sectors effortlessly with Fox ERP

Serving different business sectors effortlessly with Fox ERP

Dec 2021

ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, a software that streamlines and automates processes by creating leaner, more accurate, and efficient business operations.
Times are changing, and so are the ways of doing business.
The traditional ways of doing business, aligning business processes, and maintaining business records exist no longer.

With the digital transformation surging across the sectors, it has become imperative for businesses to streamline and automate the business processes and generate reports based on the data fetched.
ERP solutions optimize systems through superior resource tracking and reporting, database management and data sharing, and improved information systems.
ERP systems allow businesses to expand their operations without incurring IT or staffing costs.
ERP has been prevalent for decades, but the pandemic emergence has increased its significance even more, with businesses getting streamlined and services getting automated.
The organizations that used to suspect the efficiency of ERP systems and shied away from investing in ERP tools are also moving towards ERP implementation, which is a good sign for the business environment.
From taking care of day-to-day business activities, such as financial, procurement, project, human production resource, and other activities to provide real-time and accurate information, ERP takes care of everything.
It is an automated software that helps stakeholders derive insights from the business processes and make accurate business decisions based on the data generated.
While ERP eliminates duplicate data, it also provides data integrity by collecting shared transactional data from multiple sources.
According to recent research, the value of the ERP market will reach USD 85 million by 2027. This significant growth in the ERP market attributes to the need for operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making among organizations.
Furthermore, the surge in digital transformation trends in organizations across businesses and the growing demand for ERP solutions hosted through the cloud led to the rise in ERP solutions’ adoption.
Still, organizations find it hard to invest in ERP solutions due to fear of compromised data. However, to win investors’ confidence, Fox ERP, an ERP software with unparalleled benefits, takes care of everything, from streamlining the business processes to automating the data and achieving business growth.
With the benefits that Fox ERP offers, organizations achieve growth effectively. Each business deals with multiple business processes, which reaps benefits when streamlined with Fox ERP.
Fox ERP is a business management software that collects, stores, manages, interprets data from business activities, enforces processes, enables control mechanisms, and automates a range of activities.
Built on a modern technology stack and a sleek User Interface, Fox ERP facilitates businesses of various industries or domains, right from manufacturing, distribution, retails, services, agriculture, education, and healthcare, among others.
Fox ERP streamlines business processes providing domain-specific features for the Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Service, Agriculture, Education, and Healthcare industries.
These domain-specific features of Fox ERP entail the requirements that cater to businesses and enhance productivity and drive profits.
Domain-specific Fox ERP’s are listed below.

1. Fox ERP for Manufacturing

“Fox ERP for manufacturing” streamlines all the business processes in the manufacturing sector, easing the entire process in one go.
It creates a Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM), takes care of shop-floor management & capacity planning, and conducts inventory management.
It also creates an automatic material request and resources planning to avoid unnecessary repetitive tasks.

2. Fox ERP for Distribution

“Fox ERP for Distribution” manages the entire distribution process, making the distribution business more efficient.
It takes care of various activities such as managing multiple locations and warehouses, automating stock replenishment, providing a real-time view of inventory levels, tracking sales & fulfillment of customer orders, and managing item variants.

3. Fox ERP for Retail

Retail businesses are never easy to do, significantly when the business processes don’t get streamlined.
“Fox ERP for Retail” creates Integrated inventory, conducts warehouse management, maintains a point of sale (POS), manages multiple pricelists, among others.
It also lists items on e-commerce websites with its integration with Ecommerce sites Shopify, WooCommerce.

4. FOX ERP for Service

“Fox ERP for Service” creates a summary of ongoing projects via reports & dashboards. It manages the customer and customer portal for project status.
Its “Help desk” feature raises tickets, tracks issues, SLAs, and conducts maintenance and quality inspection.

5. FOX ERP for Agriculture

“Fox ERP for Agriculture” makes the agricultural activities even smoother. It manages the analysis criteria for crop cultivation and tracks crop cycles.
It takes care of financial activities such as budgeting, costing, and billing for produced and sold crops.
It also creates a repository that maintains data about the crops and livestock of each farm/field. It also analyzes the plant, soil, water, soil texture.

6. FOX ERP for Education

“Fox ERP for Education” streamlines various activities involved in the education business by automating them.
It manages student applications via the portal, takes care of student attendance, fees, course schedules, & assessments.
It also embeds LMS (Learning Management System) to promote e-learning via videos or text and manages information of instructors, their expenses, and payroll.

7. Fox ERP for Healthcare

Healthcare activities are challenging to manage, especially with essential patient data, configured processes, and repetitive activities.
“Fox ERP for Healthcare” keeps patient knowledge base with a history of medication & treatments.
It manages healthcare practitioner schedules and appointments and maps appointments for patients.


Businesses are getting complex, and the market is getting competitive.
With the ever-rising digital transformation and surge in the advent of digitized business practices, it becomes imperative for businesses to streamline their business practices.
With its unparalleled features, Fox ERP just streamlines the business practices and makes the businesses agile and smoother.

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