Services Industry uncovers a new business spectrum with Fox ERP.

Services Industry uncovers a new business spectrum with Fox ERP.

May 2022

The services industry has changed. It no longer works the same way it used to be earlier.
Call it the rising advent of digitization or the need to streamline business processes; digitization has become the need of the hour.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged, organizations across the sectors have witnessed rising demand for automation, and digitization, utilizing the benefits of digital transformation.
According to recent research, the market value of digital transformation services will reach trillions of dollars, growing at a rapid CAGR of 18%.
This robust growth in the market value of digitization attributes to the rising demands for digital transformation from industries across the domains.
Digital transformation, however, encompasses these below-mentioned steps, especially in the services industry, to achieve seamless functionality across the entire value chain.

1. Technology business roadmap

Along with the manufacturers and distributors, several other stakeholders in the services industry matter while driving digital transformation across its business functions. Embedding a digital vision and magnifying the impact of digitization leads to an enhanced digital customer experience.

2. Upskilling talent

Achieving digitization gets easier when organizations invest in hiring fresh talents. Many companies have reported earning lesser revenues once they lack expertise in their digital operations.
Digital transformation helps businesses drive digitization and leads to achieving a robust, seamless business operation.
Organizations leverage digital tools that drive digital solutions by creating new organizational structures that integrate digital talent.

3. Agile service delivery

The services industry performs better when delivered in the most digitally-driven ways. Adopting digital campaigns and an agile service delivery model helps businesses flourish in the longer run.

4. Modern technology

Emerging technologies that uncover digitization in businesses lead to business benefits more than ever anticipated by the business leaders.
Modern technology ensures the effective implementation of digital services and drives business growth in the most efficient ways.

Furthermore, to deliver a seamless business model with digitization, it becomes imperative for businesses to digitize their businesses efficiently.
For organizations, before pursuing digital opportunities, business leaders focus on developing and aligning a digital vision for their organization, looking at both the overall digital strategy and value proposition for their companies.
Organizations focus on assessing their capabilities, estimating the resources required, and contemplating potential partnerships that could help them achieve their vision and objectives.

“Fox ERP for Services” is one ERP software that stands out among several industry players. Fox ERP for Service enables businesses to run their businesses more efficiently and smoother by making them understand their customers, know their leads, and build a reputation among various stakeholders.
Its unique features allow businesses to run campaigns to increase customer acquisition, create subscriptions for their services, and reward regular customers with loyalty points.
It also sets maintenance visits and schedules to manage customers’ issues and resolve them. Furthermore, “Fox ERP for Services” streamlines several business processes in the most digitally driven ways.


Digital is here to say. It would be wrong to say that once the COVID-19 era gets normal, the digital model of businesses will vanish. It is here to stay with the new normal, leveraging the digital benefits that come with the digitization of companies.
“Fox ERP for Services” streamlines several business processes across the entire value chain of businesses in the most efficient ways.

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