Services industry sees a new vision with digitized business practices.

Services industry sees a new vision with digitized business practices.

Jan 2022

COVID-19 pandemic shook the world entirely, bringing the entire livelihood to a halt and making the businesses ho upside down.
Digital is the future and so do digitized businesses.
With Industry 4.0, digital has become imperative for businesses, adopting digital tools and technologies for their operations.
Be it a product-based industry or a service industry for that matter; digitization is the new normal.

Be it corporates, labor extensive businesses, or software-driven industry, businesses across the domains and sectors have observed the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Product-based industries have seen a massive plunge in their sales after the lockdown was announced worldwide as a measure to curb the infection.
Similarly, service-based industries also remain silent regarding profit generation and sales outputs.
However, with the rise in digital transformation that has given birth to digitized business practices, this sluggish trend of non-profitable business ceases to exist anymore.
Digitized business practices entail the benefits of digital tools and technologies and leverage the power of data and automated, streamlined business processes.
One such example of automated and digitized business processes is the ones that utilize ERP for its business processes.
ERP streamlines and automates several business processes of an organization with utmost ease with just a single click.
ERP assists you with accounting, human resource management, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM, Administration, project and task management, manufacturing, and even website.
ERP digitizes several business practices, bringing everything under a single umbrella, enabling users to ease in the tedious work processes that used to take more time and excessive efforts.
ERP comes in both cloud format as well as non-cloud-based form.
However, with rising digitized practices, organizations prefer cloud-based ERP more than non-cloud-based ERPs as most of the data an organization deals with are stored online in cloud formats.
According to a recently conducted research, the value of the cloud-based ERP market will reach USD 100 Billion by 2025.
Managing business processes has never been easy in the Services industry.
It will be a far-fetched notion to call it comparatively better at handling processes and operations just because it does not deal with heavy equipment and cumbersome processes.
Like the product industry, the services industry is challenges-laden with complexities of its own.
There are few critical business processes and activities in the Services industry that need more digitized monitoring compared to other activities.
These critical activities include marketing campaigns, client acquisition, subscriptions services, loyalty points, among others.
These activities might not be workforce extensive like manufacturing processes and heavy equipment industry but plays a vital role in gaining trust in the market share with its online presence.
Fox ERP, a comprehensive business process management suite, helps users record all their business transactions in one system.
Fox ERP has unique features that put business leaders into complete control of their businesses by streamlining crucial activities with just a single click under a single platform.
Its managing customers’ feature allows the users to manage their customers by assigning dedicated account managers for automatic tax calculations.
Businesses lack confidence in investing in digital software such as ERP.
Even if the businesses gain that confidence in investing in such tools and software, it faces a dilemma of selecting a particular ERP vendor for ERP services.
Fox ERP provides the customers with confidence in investing in digital tools and clears this dilemma by magnifying the potential of their business and ensuring digitized results.
Fox ERP’s Help Desk feature lets users streamline service issues using real-time issues via configured dashboards.
It assigns tickets to the experts automatically that allows them to respond to customers’ queries effectively.
In the services industry, customer satisfaction plays a vital role, as the customers make and break a services business.
Poor customer satisfaction ends up making businesses lose upon customers.
Therefore, Fox ERP ensures enhanced customer satisfaction that retains customers and helps businesses flourish in the longer run.
With Fox ERP’s SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) feature, users set and comply with the standards to exceed their customer satisfaction.
Its multi-currency accounting allows users to send invoices, add expenses, and perform transactions in any currency by converting it into their base currency.
Moreover, Fox ERP has added features such as the “Do It Yourself” mode of implementation, which allows users to implement it with utmost ease.


Businesses are moving towards digitized business processes to remain competitive and gain profitable insights in the longer run.
Fox ERP streamlines the businesses with its unique benefits and remarkable features. Its lower cost and easy implementation make it one of the most preferred ERP software in the market.

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