Retail Industry inching towards digitization with Fox ERP

Retail Industry inching towards digitization with Fox ERP

Mar 2022

Digitization is one of the common events that came to the forefront of industry players across the sectors and geographies.
With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, an upsurge in the digitized business processes has taken place, pushing the major companies to adopt digitized business practices.

Industry 4.0, or Fourth Industry Revolution, has turned the world into an automated digital era.
Emerging technologies such as RPA, IoT, AI, and Blockchain, among others, are helping businesses realize the significance of digital business practices, which is pushing the organizations to inculcate these digitized business processes as a significant part of the organizations’ businesses.
Like other industries, the retail sector, too, is shifting towards digital practices that have helped organizations make moves to extract most of the digital solutions and make informed digitally-driven decisions.
Retailers, earlier, used to make profits only through their brick-and-mortar stores which seemed like decades ago before online penetration of businesses came along.
Online retailing is about selling the inventory through the online medium and about leveraging data and the latest technologies to build cutting-edge technologies.
According to recent research, the retail industry observed a rise of 3.6% globally in tech retail spending, which amounted to USD 218.5 billion by 2021 across the world.
The predicted online retail will only increase further with the massive online penetration.
As customers become more self-aware and dependent on online channels, retailers respond quickly by creating more customer-focused experiences enabled by data, digital, and CRM platforms.
Digitization is often confused with automation. While both look almost similar, there is a thin line between the two.
When it comes to digitization, it includes a broader scope than automation, covering maximum nuances of the digital world.
This scope of mass involvement from industry players in retailing and data creation necessitates constant access to automation and computerized infrastructure that leverages easy-to-use tools and contributors and drives the businesses’ digital practices.
Retailers are digitizing their businesses to remain competitive in the market.
The industry numbers have revealed that the businesses that did not leverage the power of data and digital technology have found it difficult to gain maximum industry insights and a competitive edge over others.
Adding to this, the rising role of using mobile phones for placing orders has made online space more significant than offline channels.
The momentum shift from store-based necessities to digital channels is expanding the interactions that aid to a more interactive user experience and driving engagement and conversions.

Challenges to Digital Transformation in Retail Industry

Just like the opportunities and benefits that the digitized business process provides, the challenges to the digitized retail industry are something every retailer keeps in mind and take steps to mitigate and resolve them.

1. Technology

Going online is one of the crucial steps organizations are following these days.
Technology plays a critical role in making it possible. With the technology and online tools embedding, it becomes significant for organizations to make digitally informed decisions.
However, lack of expertise and nuances of technology in the retail industry sometimes hinders digitization.

2. Digital Disruption

Digital disruption becomes easier when digital tools and technologies cater to the requirements of the business.
Organizations are investing in digital tools and technologies and hiring talents that add to the technology part of the firms.
At times, the lack of digital infrastructure is a major setback in driving digital disruption among organizations.

3. Consumer Behavior

Consumers are king in the retail industry.
The retail organization analyzes consumer behavior to design its solutions further.
With everything at consumers’ fingertips, organizations have become necessary to devise their solutions as per the observed trends and gain momentum.
ERP products help in mitigating and resolving such issues dynamically.
The rising use of ERP products has shown positive results in their business processes for the retailers.
It has streamlined numerous sub-processes to digitized ones by leveraging the power of data and technology.
Furthermore, to substantiate the rising needs of cloud-based platforms, ERP products offer cloud-based ERP software that helps organizations in their business processes.
With its sleek interface and easy-to-use interface, Fox ERP stands out against other ERP software.
“Fox ERP for Retail” simplifies the overall retail management processes, tracks inventory, manages customers, and increases the business profitability of organizations.
With Fox ERP for Retail, organizations can measure, manage, and sell inventory more with a comprehensive cloud solution.
From managing critical retail operations such as creating a point of sale, tracking inventory, managing multi-stores, billing and pricing, and automated stock replenishment, Fox ERP takes care of everything with utmost efficiency.
Fox ERP’s “Do it Yourself” mode of implementation makes it easy to implement across business processes.


Digitization is all around. It has become normal in the new normal.
Digitization sets the tone for enhanced business processes to maintain efficiency and keep pace with the rising competition and ever-changing consumer preferences.
With its industry-driven modules, Fox ERP provides ERP software that is customizable as per the organizations’ needs and provides the industry players with an all-new digitized experience that helps them flourish in the longer run.

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