Reshaping Ed-Tech with “Fox ERP for Education”

Reshaping Ed-Tech with "Fox ERP for Education"

Aug 2022

The education industry, like any other industry, has transformed its business ways. Call it the after effect of the COVID-19 pandemic or the challenges that it created. Still, digital is at the forefront of businesses.

Digitization has occupied the driver’s seat in almost every business across the sectors, which holds true for the education industry too.

With the rise in digitized business practices, the education sector, too, has shifted to an all-new virtual online mode of education, delivering hassle-free education to students.
Schools and colleges are adopting digitized ways of delivering education quickly owing to the remote education model adopted by the education industry followed by the worldwide lockdown.
While lockdown came as a preventive measure to curb coronavirus infection, remote education was taken as a medium to educate the masses.

Remote education utilizes digital tools and technologies. It delivers education to students via e-learning platforms, enabling a seamless education platform for students across schools and colleges.

According to recently conducted research, the global value of the Ed-Tech market will reach USD 230 Billion by 2028.
Factors such as rising demand for online education, prevalence of remote education, and surge in need for digitized education propel the global Ed-tech market.

Moreover, with digital transformation becoming the new normal, educational institutes have realized the significance of delivering online education, which is further expected to drive the Ed-Tech market.
Delivering digital education is easier said than done, especially in remote areas where access to digital tools and internet penetration is lesser.

The below-mentioned challenges caused an initial hindrance to the growth of the Ed-Tech market.

1. Lack of Expertise

Nothing denies the fact that digital tools and technologies require experts for implementation.
One of the recent research projects suggests that six out of every ten schools lack the expertise to implement digital tools and technologies, which makes educational institutes prone to leverage the benefits of digitization initially.

2. Lack of Budgetary Allocation

Time and again, many educational institutes, especially the government ones, have reported the concern of lack of budgetary allocation to bring technology on-premises.
However, with the rise in digital transformation, governments of different countries are pushing the bars to enable educational institutes to embed technology.

3. Lack of Internet Penetration

Initially, many organizations faced the issue of internet connectivity, slow internet speed, and unavailability of internet facilities, especially in remote areas.
However, to embark on rising digitization, governments of several nations rolled out fiber and telecom spectrum in remote areas to bridge the gap between the educational institutes and internet services providers.

“Fox ERP for Education” is one such ERP software that makes education delivery relatively seamless across the users in various remote cities, regardless of the lack of availability of technologies.
It has enabled educational institutes to leverage the benefits of digitization and deliver hassle-free seamless education in virtual mode for the masses.

Its “Do it yourself” mode of implementation makes it one of the easiest to implement ERP software embedded with minimum technical expertise, thereby making the installation process smooth.

From storing students’ documents in automated format to generating automated salary slips, “Fox ERP for Education” streamlines the entire business processes of educational institutes.


Digital is the need of the hour, especially in post-COVID times, where digital has become the new normal. Ed-Tech is increasing rigorously. Thanks to digital transformation, which has paved the way for smooth e-learning processes enabling educational institutes to leverage the power of digital data, tools, and technologies.

“Fox ERP for Education” remains one of the most preferred ERP software among educational institutes to help them smoothly drive their business processes.

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