Project Management in Industry 4.0 with Fox ERP’s Project module

Project Management in Industry 4.0 with Fox ERP's Project module

Oct 2022

Organizations deals with multiple projects at any single given point in time. While ensuring the effective delivery of projects, managing them efficiently also adds value to the entire project portfolio.
Companies are becoming more aware of this and taking initial steps to manage their projects effectively. The ongoing digital transformation, too, has added more value to how projects are managed.

At its core, digital transformation helps businesses lead the processes of integrating digital technology into all areas of a company, fundamentally changing how the firms are operated and delivering value to customers.

While this seems like a novice concept, it holds worthwhile for the process of project management, where the digital transition has become imperative.
Full-scale digital transformation processes cause significant disruptions in long-standing business practices and operations, often necessitating the business front and the organizations’ cultural changes.

The below-discussed ways tell us how project management with digital is adding value to how the projects are getting managed in the new normal.

1. Strategic Communication

Traditional tools like email are cumbersome regarding collaboration, as they aren’t designed for real-time interaction.
Essential information such as project commencement, project executive, and project delivery enables organizations to form hassle-free strategic communication among several project stakeholders, avoiding mismatched project enablement.

2. Better Collaboration

One the strategic communication sets, the collaboration part of project management becomes crucial.
With the long with facilitating more efficient and strategy-focused communication, the modern work management technologies make it easier for the stakeholders to collaborate with the right platform in place.

Project managers and executives collaborate on assigning tasks, organizing dashboards, and approving assets, to deliver a convenient project management solution.

3. Process focussed results

At times, it becomes cumbersome for project managers to manage projects efficiently without clarity on projects.
As digital transformation automates workflows and coordinates traditional project management tasks like project scheduling, it also allows project managers to focus on strategy optimization.
Project delivery as digital transformation continues to touch companies across every industry and vertical.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation that followed, the role of digitization has surged in several industries.
ERP software has gained traction with the rise in digital business processes, delivering the digital customer experience.

“Fox ERP,” too, realizes these crucial elements for smooth management and delivery of projects. Hence, its “Project Module” is designed to cater to the project requirements and deliver value to the organizations in terms of strategic importance and digital growth.
Its “Project module” provides templates for numerous repetitive tasks by assigning the project executives various tasks.

Moreover, it creates options such as real-time chat among internal team members, removing the need for external communication tools. It also allows organizations to bill their customers for deliverables, enabling them access to ongoing tasks.
With Fox ERP’s “Project” module, organizations achieve their goals and objectives in terms of project management and thrive with the rise in their overall business performance.


Organizations are dealing with multiple projects, which necessitates robust project management. It is not only a strategic requirement for organizations to streamline their projects but also a cultural shift that has become imperative with the rise in digital project management.
“Fox ERP’s Project module allows businesses to reap the benefits of digitization and contribute to the rising business project portfolio by thriving with its business requirements.

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