Leveraging Smart Healthcare with “Fox ERP for Healthcare”

Leveraging Smart Healthcare with “Fox ERP for Healthcare”

Apr 2022

Healthcare and healthcare business has always been at the forefront of humanity.
Whether it serves people in need with medical aid or brings disruptive medical technology, healthcare remains an integral part of human livelihood.

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, too, made the world realize the significance of a sound healthcare system in people’s lives.
These are changed times, the times of digitization, and the times when digital transformation is leading the world, enabling corporates and industry players to drive their businesses.
With the ongoing challenges that the pandemic has thrown in front of the world, the lockdown that followed has completely changed the way businesses were carried out.
Like Manufacturing industries using RPAs to drive innovation, the education sector leverages digital mode to deliver education by conducting classes virtually via online mode.
The healthcare industry has also observed a digital disruption in carrying out healthcare activities.
Digital Health is now a reality. With billions of dollar investments in leveraging innovative healthcare services, software integrations to drive efficiency, and electronic modes of storing patients’ data, digital healthcare is paving its way to becoming standard in the new normal.
Emerging technologies such as AI, RPA, and IoT have always been at the helm of digitizing the business across the sectors.
Similarly, healthcare too saw a massive digital shift with the embedding of IoT in several healthcare business processes and activities.
Healthcare institutions have invested massively in Digital Healthcare. Therefore the increased use of IoT in Healthcare, also known as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), is prevailing in the market, digitizing healthcare and healthcare-related activities.
Moreover, the application of Smart technology in healthcare is changing how patients are treated with disruptions such as Telehealth, Remote care, and Health monitoring technology connecting patients and doctors in the most innovative ways.
The below-discussed elements showcase the rising disruption of digital technology in healthcare, bridging the gap between healthcare facilities and patients.

1. Simultaneous reporting and Monitoring

The IoT devices collect, track, and monitor health data, giving it an all-new form of digital health services with its advantages.
The IoT automates patient care processes by helping deliver mobile healthcare solutions and as next-generation healthcare facilities by enabling interoperability, machine-to-machine communication, and data movement to help provide efficient healthcare services.

2. Data Analysis

Data forms the critical element of driving information and transforming actionable insights into healthcare activities.
IoT devices in healthcare collect, report, and analyze data in real-time, enabling healthcare organizations to obtain critical healthcare analytics and data-based insights that accelerate decision-making processes and reduce errors.

3. Real-time Tracking and Alerts

Medical IoT devices collect critical data and transmit it to doctors for real-time Monitoring through linked devices, thereby enabling real-time alerts and Monitoring, resulting in hands-on treatment, better accuracy, physician intervention, and improved overall patient care.
Leveraging on emerging technologies that cause disruption, IoT remains one of the most noticeable technologies that drive Smart Healthcare.
However, ERP software has also found its place among the most significant dependent software at the forefront of digital tools and technologies digitizing the healthcare arena.
Amidst the most prominent leaders in the ERP market, “Fox ERP’s “Fox ERP for Healthcare” has got it all, serving the requirements of smart healthcare activities.
Coming up with sleek user interface, “Fox ERP for Healthcare” consists of several tools that drive digitization in the healthcare space.
It includes healthcare activities such as creating a patient repository, maintaining healthcare practitioners and their documents, managing patients’ appointments, and tracking real-time view of medicine and equipment availability, all in a single unique system.
Furthermore, “Fox ERP for Healthcare” makes the Billing process easier with integrated automated transactions within a few clicks.
Overall, Fox ERP adds massive value to healthcare and healthcare-related activities, driving digital healthcare to the masses.


Digital has become the new normal.
With the rise in digital technology adoption, smart healthcare is no longer a novice concept but a reality.
With numerous unparalleled advantages and unique benefits from Fox ERP, digital healthcare has paved an all-new digital revolution in the healthcare space.
With these digital technicalities, it will only get better in the years to come.

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