Leveraging Ed-Tech with “Fox ERP FOR Education”

Leveraging Ed-Tech with “Fox ERP FOR Education”

May 2022

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of doing business. Organizations are adopting digitized business practices, corporates are moving to digital, and businesses across the sectors are evolving in the most innovative ways.

Like the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and services sectors, the education industry is also transforming to digital with access to digitized business practices.
The pandemic has resulted in challenges such as remote work, social distancing, and the worldwide lockdown that followed.
These measures were taken to curb the infection. Although it presented the world with challenges, it also provided an all-new way of opportunities to the masses.
According to recent research, while countries observed infection rates worldwide, more than 1.2 billion children worldwide are currently affected by school closures due to the pandemic, which halted their learning processes.
To combat such challenges, digital ways of education are adopted from educational institutes, giving rise to Ed-tech and delivering education in the most digitally driven ways.
However, the concept of digital education and Ed-tech has been in place for days, with the global market investments in Ed-tech touching the value of USD 18.66 Billion in 2019 and reaching USD 350 Billion by 2025.
Major industry players believe that education sectors will keep leveraging digital tools and technologies to deliver education to the masses as digitized ways of learning come with their own advantages.
Technology will soon become an integral part of education, benefiting the industry.
Business processes in the education sector are witnessing major turnarounds, with the following benefits coming as a rescue and diligent opportunities to deliver education.
However, there are a few obstacles that make way for streamlining educational activities once overcome.

1. Lack of technical expertise

Education players often face the dilemma of a lack of technical expertise to enable seamless integration of technology and education delivery processes and add value to education.
To resolve this, education players utilize digital tools and technologies, drive growth, and embed technical expertise.

2. Technology Integration

Most educational institutes still lack integration with technology. In some instances, while hiring the right talent becomes a problem, having a lack of technological integration makes the entire process even more cumbersome.
Business players across the educational sector leverage technology and make education business processes smoother.

3. Budgetary Allocation

Still, many educational organizations are vulnerable to investing in digital tools and technologies due to uncertainties with the benefits of digitizing business processes.
However, with the benefits that digitized business processes have offered in the educational sector, the budgetary allocation has increased, with major players moving to digitization.
Several digital tools and technologies digitize educational activities and streamline them in the most efficient t ways.
Of these revolutionary and emerging technologies, software such as “Fox ERP for Education” has observed significant traction from players across the globe.
It manages the entire education business cycle with unique features by tracking and recording the critical and necessary information and the overall complete education management cycle.
With Fox ERP for education, users can manage various essential activities in their education business, such as creating a student application, maintaining student’s personal information, setting up student programs and courses, and tracking and managing each student’s attendance, among others, all in a single unique system.
Its “Do it yourself” mode of implementation makes it one of the most preferred ERP software without the need for an external source.


With the rise in digitization across the sectors, it has become imperative for businesses to invest massively in the digital ways of doing business.
The education sector, too, is witnessing a significant turnaround as benefits from digitization continue to rule the market in such uncertain times.
“Fox ERP for Education” ensures seamless education delivery across the industry players with its unique features and unparalleled benefits.

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