Evolution of Smart education with Fox ERP

Evolution of Smart education with Fox ERP

Apr 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of doing business. There won’t be any industry across the sector which is not affected by the impact of the global pandemic.
It presented the world with significant challenges, shifting things to an online mode. While major industries had to shut down their business, many moved to a remote working model, while a few worked on hybrid-based models.

Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and retail also operated from distant locations due to the global lockdown imposed to curb the infection.
Education, industry, too, like other sectors, got affected by the global surge of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The education sector moved its business models to remote working models, where students relied on online modes of education through their laptops and mobile phones.
At the same time, teachers got the added responsibility to ensure online education delivery to the students in the most proficient ways.
Initially, a significant chunk of educational institutes, schools, and colleges found it challenging to streamline their academic activities, given that teachers were less familiar with the online tools and technologies that erupted as the mode of digitization in the educational business.
According to recent research, 46% of the organizations have migrated to an online mode of operations since the pandemic, whereas 21% of the surveyed respondents reported planning to move to a digital working model in the near future.
The issues faced by the organizations initially involved the lack of confidence among industry players to invest in digital tools and technologies owing to the clarity gap in the benefits reaped by the digitization of business processes.
Another research revealed the massive benefits that digitization offers that made investors and business players adopt third-party software integrations as one of the widely accepted industry business practices.
Few organizations observed the change in BCPs (Business continuity plans) as the vast array of business processes moved to digitized business practices enhancing the digital customer experience and driving profitable insights that help businesses make business decisions.
In the education sector, smart learning and smart education have existed for decades.
Still, due to less peculiar technologies and the beleaguered adoption rate, consumers did not penetrate the online and virtual market to the extent it happened in other industries.
In the pandemic era, the world has witnessed students learning from home without going to school, exams being conducted online, and digital modes of business taking the industry by surprise.
However, the benefits derived from the digital business processes outnumber the investments required by the education players.
Among the digital tools and technologies that prevail in the education industry, software such as ERP remains one of the most preferred software in the education industry.
Thanks to the multitude of benefits it encompasses, from streamlining the major educational activities to digitizing the entire educational business processes, ERP software takes care of everything with utmost ease.
One such ERP software is Fox ERP, a comprehensive suite of business process management tools that help users record all their business transactions in one system.
Fox ERP offers unparalleled advantages over any conventional ERP. It is the most user-friendly ERP because of its elegant & straightforward UI, allowing users to achieve maximum output with minimal clicks.
“Fox ERP for Education” helps businesses manage various essential activities in the education business, such as creating a student application, maintaining student’s personal information, setting up student programs and courses, and tracking and managing each student’s attendance, among others, all in a single unique system.
From managing students’ applications to generating student details such as student group, grade scale, and assessment criteria, the examiner, by creating an Assessment Plan, “Fox ERP for Education,” performs all education-related tasks efficiently.


Digital is the new normal, and so are digitized business practices. With the digital mode of operations, the education sector drives digital efficiency across its business processes.
With the digital model of educational business processes, students and the entire fraternity of students, teachers, and the education industry get hassle-free, non-disturbed, continuous learning, too, with ease at their homes.
Even after the pandemic, the benefits of digitized education will only make it a more favorable and preferred tool of education.

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