Ensuring Ed Tech with “Fox ERP for Education”

Ensuring Ed Tech with "Fox ERP for Education"

Jun 2022

Education has always been a student-centric industry. From delivering education to shaping students’ futures, the education industry has been an integral part of society, contributing massively in every way possible.
The recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has caused challenges to almost every industry across the sectors.
The education industry, too, was impacted by the pandemic’s consequences.

There are many challenges, and the ways to deal with such challenges are comparatively few. However, the rising advent of digitization has fuelled the growth of digitized education by digitally transforming the methods of delivering education.
According to recent research, the value of the global Ed-Tech market will reach USD 230 Billion by 2028.
This surge in the value of the Ed-Tech market attributes to the rising demand for digitized education from players across the industry.
Factors such as the rising demand for online education and virtual delivery mode are further driving the Ed-Tech market’s value.

Benefits of Ed-Tech

The benefits that come with Ed-Tech surpass other benefits quite quickly. With the surge in digitized education, the demand for Ed-Tech continues to rise, enabling educational institutes to deliver instruction at the ease of users.

1. Easy Access to Education

The wide array of educational technology available today offers students a wide range of options to choose their learning needs.
Easy access to education enables students to develop the right skills and knowledge that contribute massively to their mode of instruction.

2. Enhanced Communication Skills

With the virtual model of education, students can easily communicate through technological means academically and in work settings, enabling them to teach superior communication skills with ease, thereby enhancing students’ performance.

3. Engaging Learning Experience

These days, education is quite different from traditional education, where learners used to depend on manual ways of education.
With digital tools and technologies, educational technology offers students the opportunity to have fun while learning, helping them stay motivated and excited about their studies.

4. Learning from Anywhere

Another benefit that comes with E-learning is the flexibility and ease of education from remote locations as well.
Ed Tech offers unparalleled advantages that allow users to leverage the benefits of online education in digitally-driven ways, enabling users to learn anytime from anywhere.

5. Technological Advancements

With the rise in digital tools and technologies, education gets delivered within a few clicks. Collaboration modes such as third-party integration are utilized to allow businesses to reap the benefits of digital.

Students remain up to date with the latest technological advancements to develop new skills they can use in the future and help companies become more efficient by knowing how new technologies can be used for various purposes in digitally-driven ways.

“Fox ERP for Education” is one such software that not only streamlines the educational business activities but also allows industry players to leverage the benefits of Ed-Tech by streamlining the digital education in the most efficient ways.

Its unique benefits and easy-to-use interface make it one of the most preferred ERP software in the market.


Digital and growth go hand in hand in the new normal.
With almost every industry at the helm of digitizing itself, the education sector also leverages digitization with ERP software such as “Fox ERP for Education” that streamlines the education business processes and digitizes the education delivery to the masses.
Its “Do it yourself” mode of implementation makes sit one of the most preferred ERP software.

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