Enhancing Services Industry with Fox ERP for Services

Enhancing Services Industry with Fox ERP for Services

Jan 2022

The services industry is not workforce extensive to the extent of the product industry.
It comprises several business activities that might need streamlining compared to the ones in the product industry.
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive challenges.
The global shutdown, the worldwide lockdown, and the remote working that followed have changed the way businesses do.

Be it the manufacturing industry, the product industry, or the services industry; the businesses have changed, and so have the ways of performing the operations.
Digital is the new standard, so digitized business practices are taking over the non-digitized business practices.
Industries across the sectors are shifting towards digitized business practices.
It has become the need of the hour to leverage the benefits from the digitized business practices and reap the benefits from them.
According to recent research, approximately 95% of the organizations that implement digitized business practices observe an increase in their business performance.
However, along with the rise in business performance, the digitization of business practices also comes with many advantages, a few of which are as follows.

1. Cost Reduction

Activities in the service sector comprise many actions that need digitization that eases complex business problems and enhances overall productivity.
Organizations tend to save costs on their operations, services, logistics costs, among others, in plenty of ways.
Digitized business practices such as implementing ERP enhance business performance and save companies from incurring a massive amount of costs.

2. Rise in Efficiency

Efficient business practices lead to higher productivity and enhanced business performance.
For instance, a software development process consists of many sub-processes such as writing the code, running the code, debugging, and implementing the software.
It often results in a complex business process that lacks creativity and efficiency.
With a streamlined business process and software such as ERP, the efficiency of business processes gets increased, which further enhances the efficiency of the business activities.

3. Lower Turnaround time

No client prefers a higher turnaround time. It reduces the operational efficiency of a business process.
With the rise in organizations dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, delivering projects with the least turnaround time has become imperative.
ERP ensures the least turnaround time with enhanced business process efficiency.
Based on a modern technology stack and a sleek user interface, Fox ERP facilitates businesses of various industries or domains, from manufacturing, distribution, retails, services, agriculture, education, and healthcare.
The services industry also needs ERP software for the smooth functioning of its business processes.
With unparalleled features and unique benefits, Fox ERP for Services streamlines the overall business processes, enabling the service industry with utmost benefits.
Fox ERP for Service allows the organizations to run campaigns to increase customer acquisition, create subscriptions for their services, reward regular customers with loyalty points, and others. It also set maintenance visits and schedules to manage customers’ issues and resolve them.

Key Elements of Fox ERP for Services

Fox ERP for Services has significant elements that cater to the services industry in one way or another; a few of the following are listed below.

1. Cloud Technology

Since the pandemic has emerged, remote work has increased significantly, giving rise to the digitization of business practices.
Due to massive data in online mode, their storage occurs through cloud technology.
Understanding this fact, Fox ERP utilizes cloud technology with a complete 360-degree view of customers and projects for complete visibility and control.
Furthermore, it creates a critical insight into financial, resource utilization, and project management data enabling the customers, subcontractors, and suppliers to collaborate.

2. Market Campaigns

With Fox ERP for Services campaigns feature, the users can send emails to multiple leads in one go. It helps target the right market segment of a particular geographical area to achieve the desired business goals.
Market campaigns also make the services industry requirement cater to the market needs, enabling seamless integration of services.

3. Customer Management

Fox ERP for Services also focuses on managing the customers with utmost ease.
With many projects and several functionalities involved, it becomes essential for businesses to manage their customers seamlessly.
Fox ERP’s Customer Management feature allows the users to manage their customers by assigning dedicated account managers for automatic tax calculations. It also enables users to store customers’ contact information such as email and phone numbers and set a credit limit.
Furthermore, its SLAs (Service level agreements) and Helpdesk features enhance the customer redressal processes.


Digital is the new normal, and so are the services in the industry.
With Industry 4.0, digitized business practices will empower the non-digitized ones.
Fox ERP for Services, with its streamlining of services, ensures effective management of business activities along with the numerous benefits that make Fox ERP one of the first choices among the market leaders.

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