Ed Tech on the Go with “Fox ERP for Education”

Ed Tech on the Go with “Fox ERP for Education”

May 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged with its challenges.
In the wake of late 2019, since the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic came, the world did not remain the same.
While the challenges outnumbered the business processes with instances such as global lockdown, social distancing, and remote work, challenges soon started becoming opportunities for businesses.

With the rise in challenges of the pandemic, organizations soon started reaping the benefits from the opportunities that set the criterion for businesses on a much larger scale.
Manufacturing industries started using RPA and automation in their business processes, and retail and distribution cycles started leveraging the benefits of the digital transformation.
Organizations that stay away from investing in digital tools, and technologies, soon observed massive investments from the business players across the entire business cycle.
In the education industry, the digital transformation has accumulated a larger share, making the online mode of delivering education one of the most preferred education methods to the masses.
The COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted the world’s economies has also stifled the education industry.
Recent research suggests that around 1.5 billion students, 90% of the world’s elementary, tertiary and secondary students, cannot physically attend school due to the global lockdown.
The aftermath has been revolutionary, as educators expect technological solutions to support remote education and learning compared to offline education earlier.
Digital transformation in the education sector is, however, not limited to post COVID-19 online education and learning, and it spreads across the economies and geographies.
Digital transformation in education involves enabling the students to enter through the mobile app or web application by providing a broad range of choices for online learning.
Leveraging technology to track students’ progress and enforce intervention protocols, the online mode of education enables online class organization faculties.
This massive digitization of the education industry gave rise to Ed Tech, an industry used to improve classroom education by encompassing the spectrum of products and ideologies for bringing education into the 21st century, from interactive whiteboards to online curriculum management systems and advanced tablets.
Furthermore, Ed Tech resulted in the below-discussed benefits, making digitized education the one to go for in the upcoming days.

1. Experimentation and feedback

In considering the ever-connected status of EdTech, teachers and educational professionals have the tools to experiment infinitely and provide almost instant feedback in a digitally-driven way.

2. Plenty of resources

EdTech will never again make teachers think about resource constraints. With expertise in digital, the native software of an interactive whiteboard is considered with its Internet access, therefore creating virtually endless opportunities.

3. Automation and efficiency

Automation and efficiency became an integral part of the education sector with the rise in digitized business processes.
This includes classification, participation, communication, and educational activities with newly acquired EdTech tools that may delegate those administrative distractions.
Moreover, with the digital disruption in the Ed-tech sector, ERP products such as “Fox ERP for Education” make their presence felt in the market with their unparalleled features and unique benefits.
“Fox ERP for Education” manages the entire education business cycle with its unique features by tracking and recording the critical and necessary information and the overall complete education management cycle.
With Fox ERP for education, users can manage various essential activities in their education business, such as creating a student application, maintaining student’s personal information, setting up student programs and courses, and tracking and managing each student’s attendance, among others, all in a single unique system.
It also helps in employee management and expenses that can help you keep all critical information in one integrated system.


Digital disruption is on the rise. With the digitization all around, digitizing the business processes in education has become the new normal. With the online mode of delivering education, the efficiency of education has increased, but the quality of education surpassed the non-digitized ways of businesses with “Fox ERP for Education.”

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