Driving digital transformation with Fox ERP

Driving digital transformation with Fox ERP

Jul 2022

The world has changed, and so are the ways of doing business.
The traditional manual methods of carrying out businesses have seen a significant shift in delivering its services in several sectors.

From manufacturing to healthcare and education, businesses are no more carried out in old ways; instead, the digitized ways of carrying out business processes are considered to leverage the benefits of digitization.

Digital tools and technologies have come at the helm of serving several businesses across the industries with digitization and delivering security, growth, and efficiency.
Just like emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and Blockchain are serving several business processes, ERP products, too, are being preferred by the businesses, leveraging the power of digital data and catering the value to businesses.

Amidst ERP software, cloud ERP has observed maximum preference as a medium to serve business requirements, and it continues to remain the same.
It not only customizes the business requirements but also streamlines several business processes in the most effective ways.

ERP referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning, has been in the digital market for the last sixty years, counting and serving organizations’ business needs digitally.
Although its adoption rate is increasing daily, various organizations are still vulnerable to investing in ERP tools, given the uncertainty about their investment return.
However, recent research suggested that ERP implementation has increased multifold among several organizations, making it one of the critical tools to have in place.

The market is moving towards a competitive edge, and so are the businesses.
Nowadays, ERP is getting into the trend, which increases the productivity and profit of business organizations. The global market value of ERP will reach USD 75 Billion by 2021, as operational efficiency has improved magnanimously.

Why is ERP gaining such traction these days?

ERP has become one of the significant breakthroughs in this new digital era.

Not only is it helping businesses drive digitization, but it is also driving actionable insights with digital tools and technologies.

The below-mentioned benefits make ERP a must-have tool in these changing times.

  • Managing business under one system

The primary benefit of ERP lies in the management of the core processes of the business in one tool.

Essential operations such as human resources, finance, sales, manufacturing, and distribution, among others, get integrated under one system with ERP.
For example, once the sales team confirms an order, the system automatically generates statements to the finance department and updates and replenishes the stock.

  • Cost Reduction

Funding in ERP is a long-term investment as many open-source tools are also available in the market.
By opting for ERP software, organizations cut massively on the fixed capital, thus avoiding the necessity of training the employees regarding using the ERP software.

  • Improved Productivity

Productivity enhancement is one of the significant benefits that ERP brings with it.
Essential tasks such as generating reports, downloading, and then sending the attachments, and still not being able to meet the deadlines get accomplished in a single tool, thereby increasing the productivity of employees and other services.

“Fox ERP” is one such ERP software that, with its unique features and unparalleled benefits, stands out among other existing ERPs.

It serves several domains such as manufacturing, Services, Distribution, Retail, Agriculture, Education, and Healthcare, among others.


With the changing times, the business needs are changing.

Digital is the need of the hour.

ERP software remains one of the most preferred digitization tools that streamline various business processes under a single system within a few clicks.

“Fox ERP” makes it easy and smooth for businesses to drive actions and make critical decisions using Fox ERP.

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