Driving Agro tech with “Fox ERP for Agriculture” in Industry 4.0

Driving Agro tech with "Fox ERP for Agriculture" in Industry 4.0

Sep 2022

Agriculture is one of the oldest occupations in the entire world.
It is something that has its roots back then to the initial stages of humankind, when farming practices became the survival tool for that generation, providing it with much-needed food in the form of plants.

The times changed; manufacturing practices prevailed, followed by the service sector, enabling organizations and industries to drive value across their entire value chain.

As the generation passed, organizations leveraged more digital tools and technologies, enabling companies to utilize digital tools and technologies.

Almost every sector got digitized, including agriculture as well. Agro tech, which refers to embedding technology in agricultural practices, has become more prevalent in the post-COVID-19 pandemic.
It does not mean that Agro-Tech didn’t exist earlier; instead, it represents how agriculture got more traction as soon as technology took over the agricultural practices and the pandemic just accelerated the Agro-Tech as it digitized almost every sector with its magnificence.

According to recent research, the global value of Agro Tech will reach USD 20 Billion.
Factors such as the rise in need for digitized practices, emerging agricultural practices such as precision farming, and smart agriculture is propelling the agro-tech market.
Furthermore, smart agricultural practices are witnessing unprecedented growth in the need for digital arming practices to cut agro costs and increase yield output.

Agro players and organizations dealing with Smart farming utilize sensors and connected devices to determine the agricultural processes across the entire value chain.
Not only this, but smart agro also provides the farmers with a real-time view of their crops, enabling them to leverage the power of data and technology and promote sustainability, resilience, and digitization in digitally driven ways.

Essential Benefits of Agro tech are discussed as follows:

1. Enhanced Productivity

Farming practices utilize connected sensors, digitizing the entire agro process.
The sensors use IoT technology to provide the farmers with the current status of farming activities, land availability, and crop maintenance, thereby driving efficiency across the entire value chain of farming, resulting in enhanced productivity with higher yields.

2. Cost Savings

Farming activities with digital tools in place help farmers save the cost incurred.
The real-time tracking of crop status notifies the farmers using mobile applications, negating the need to visit farmlands and saving fuel, travel, and transport costs.
Also, it analyses the soil and predicts weather forecasts, allowing them to save extra incurred costs.

3. Streamlined Crop cycles

Digitized ways of farming allow farmers to streamline the entire value chain of agriculture.
It keeps details of sowing, irrigation, and harvesting by creating custom cycles by tracking and recording the crop diseases that might occur.
It takes crucial steps to combat them, thereby promoting sustainable farming practices.

As digitization became prevalent in the agriculture sector, ERP software became the talk of the town.

“Fox ERP for Agriculture,” one of the most diligent ERP software, streamlines the entire value chain of farming with its unique features.
It also allows farmers to record the field’s total area, enabling them to create a parent location for multiple agricultural locations.


Farming has changed with the changing times.
In Industry 4.0, organizations are leveraging the benefits of digitization, enabling farmers to streamline their entire farming activities. Agro Tech, or Smart farming as we call it, has become normal in the new normal.

“Fox ERP for Agriculture” allows farmers and agricultural players to utilize emerging technologies and drive innovation, promote resilience, and utilize technology, all in digitally driven ways.

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