Digitizing the Healthcare sector with Fox ERP

Digitizing the Healthcare sector with Fox ERP

Jan 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a new world, where digitized business processes tend to flourish more than non-digitized ones.
With Industry 4.0, organizations leverage digitization and digitalization in their business practices.,
ERP software is gaining wide acceptance from industries across the sectors.

Like other sectors, the healthcare sector, too, leverages ERP for its business processes as it streamlines multiple complex activities in an automated format.
Healthcare activities vary magnanimously. From managing patients repositories to tracking the patients reports and records, healthcare-related activities in hospitals get automated and streamlined with the ERP software.
The effective and robust features of ERP software break the plethora of data and information silos, streamline it, and automate the broad range of business functions within different departments, making it a preferred choice among businesses.
Business activities such as financial accounting, inventory management, patient relationship management, and human resource management are tedious and time-consuming everyday activities.
However, with the introduction of ERP software, these complex processes are streamlined with utmost ease.
According to recent research, in the US alone, the value of the ERP market in the healthcare sector will be worth USD 2.1 Billion by 2025.
This high growth in the ERP market contributes to the demand for ERP software in the healthcare sector due to streamlining critical healthcare activities.

Major Benefits of ERP in the Healthcare

Health care providers often struggle to maintain an equilibrium between quality patient care and substantial cost reduction.
To combat this, healthcare institutions and organizations continually update their ERP systems, making patient care more viable and better.
Furthermore, reducing clinical errors and increasing the efficiency of healthcare providers remains the primary reasons for implementing ERP software for the healthcare industry.
To facilitate smoother healthcare activities, it becomes imperative to streamline various healthcare departments such as pharmacy, laboratory system, radiology, communication system (PACS), and electronic medical records (EMRs).
The streamlining of multiple healthcare activities ensures critical healthcare and enables patients to receive the required care in the stipulated time.

1. Better Patient Care

ERP software helps healthcare providers with remote access to crucial resources and reports for patients enabling patients to make informed and timely care decisions.
Advanced software like an ERP makes it easier to process multiple processes in a hassle-free way.
By scheduling future tests and medical procedures, an ERP solution ensures vital patient information gets accessible across multiple systems.

2. Reduced operating costs

ERP software results in process efficiencies by carrying out crucial tasks such as payroll, accounting, and human resources and putting them into a shared database.
In the Healthcare business, ERP addresses these activities by automating various back-end processes such as payroll management, account management, and inventory handling in one go.

3. Streamlining Healthcare Processes

Healthcare processes are numerous, and hence their streamlining becomes critical to ensure an effective healthcare system.
Accomplishing streamlining of healthcare processes incorporating key activities such as patient identification, electronic medical records management, radiology department, OPD, and emergency services.
Addressing these activities ensures an improved healthcare service.
“Fox ERP for Healthcare” is a one-of-its-kind ERP product that manages various critical activities in the healthcare business, all in a single unique system.
It addresses healthcare activities such as patient repository, maintaining healthcare practitioners, linking them to their employee documents, managing patients’ appointments, and tracking real-time view of medicine and equipment availability.
Furthermore, “Fox ERP for Healthcare “also automates the “Billing and Pricing” and “Stock replenishment” of the healthcare equipment.
With the rise in digitized payments mode, managing the billing and pricing becomes tedious in healthcare, where hospitals deal with many bills at a time.
Fox ERP for Healthcare eases billing and pricing by automating the entire process.
Also, in case of emergencies, hospitals are prone to run out of medical equipment and medicine stocks.
Fox ERP’s automated stock replenishment ensures the availability of enough equipment inventory that caters to the hospital needs in emergency events.
Fox ERP’s unique features and benefits give hospitals a digital mode by streamlining the processes in the most efficient ways.


Digitization is the new normal.
Business practices getting digitized and serving the customers will be normal in this new normal in the days to come.
Healthcare institutions that will leverage the benefits of this new normal will remain more compared to those that do not.
“Fox ERP for Healthcare” lets healthcare institutions realize their digitization dream effectively.

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