Digitizing the farms with Fox ERP for Agriculture

Digitizing the farms with Fox ERP for Agriculture

Mar 2022

Digitization and farms seem unconventional, right?
That has been the equation for a long time, where farmers and people in the farming industry negated the concept of digitization in the farming sector.
There have been innumerable debates around reaping fruits from digitization, just like reaping the yields from farms.
But that has not been achieved so far, owing to the uncertainty over benefits extracted against the digital investments.

Call it the boon or bane of technology, but the digital transformation has prevailed since the advent of digitized business practices.
Then what’s manufacturing, and what’s healthcare. Almost every industry across the sectors seemed to get influenced by digitized business practices.
All significant steps in agricultural activities get digitized, from tracking the crop cycle to predicting the weather forecast.
ERP software is one such tool that takes care of all the critical steps involved in the agriculture and crop management cycles.
According to recent research, 30 percent of all the market value created with agricultural machinery worldwide came from software.
It has become essential for farmers and the environment to adapt processes to digital technology to drive innovative processes that potentially lead to efficient and resource-friendly sustainable farming.
Leveraging more on data and technology, agricultural organizations have deduced a new terminology known as precision farming that changes agriculture practices.
It refers to an agricultural concept involving new production and management methods by intensive use of data for a particular crop and field.
Digitized business processes in agriculture involve using sensor technologies and application methods that optimize production processes and growth conditions for a higher yield of crops.
Compared to the conventional agricultural methods, using digital data increases the resource efficacy and reduces incurred costs by reducing the environmental impact.
Agricultural leaders and industry players have conceptualized smart farming to improve the overall profitability of the farming business by leveraging digital tools and technologies.
Smart farming, another industry concept coined by market players in the agriculture industry, refers to applying information and data technologies that optimize complex farming systems, thereby enhancing the agriculture business and benefitting the farmers.
Smart Farming, Digital Farming, or Farming 4.0 are the same terms used interchangeably and contribute to the efficient production of crops with digitized agro-business processes.
The actionable insights derived from technology and concrete data help agro firms and business leaders make informed digital decisions, improve crop efficiency, reduce costs, and make business decisions that help agro-business grow faster.
ERP software and products have observed a sudden penetration in the agro market, with big agro players going for ERPs as a tool to digitize the agro-business activities.
When it comes to digital investments such as ERP into farming activities, farmers and industry players seem vulnerable and shy away from investing in digital technologies supporting agro-business.
However, according to representative surveys carried out by the industry association Bitkom, Berlin, from Germany, almost 90 percent of all agricultural businesses leverage digitization with more efficient resources.
Another research suggests that more than fifty percent of the agro companies surveyed already use smart agricultural machinery and farm management software.
These massive figures suggest the penetration of technology in the agriculture sector.
Observing these opportunities, Fox ERP provides farmers and agri-business leaders with its ERP solutions that streamline and digitizes the agro-business processes across the entire value chain of farming.
“”Fox ERP for Agriculture is one-of-its-kind ERP software that manages the entire agriculture business cycle. Its unique features record and track the crop field’s locations, diseases of crops and plants, fertilizers, and the overall crop cycles.
With “Fox ERP for Agriculture”, users can analyze their crops, plants, soil, water, and weather through analytics and insights, all in one go.
Fox ERP leads a digitized approach to agricultural practices, making the agro-business processes easier, accessible, and more profound, thereby streamlining and digitizing the entire value chain of farming.


Digitization is a reality. With Industry 4.0, the digital transformation is all around.
Even the agricultural practices are getting streamlined and digitized, making the yields go up, and profits are multiplying for the agro players and farmers.
In this normal, digitization of business processes is the new normal.
Agro firms, agro players, and business leaders see a new light with the digital transformation in the new normal.
Fox ERP streamlines and digitizes several business and sub-processes and drives the digital agricultural processes, enabling farmers to reap maximum outputs with minimum inputs and efforts.

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