Digitized Educational activities in the digital era

Digitized Educational activities in the digital era

Jan 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic emergence has presented the world with challenges. These challenges have impacted almost every business across the sectors.
It brought challenges with it, worldwide lockdown, remote work, and interrupted services; it also presented the world with opportunities.

Opportunities such as leveraging the power of data and digital technologies make businesses more efficient.
Industry 4.0, as they call it, the post COVID world is all about digital transformation and digitized business ways.
The impact of digitization has also revolutionized the education sector.
As the students took online classes, learning from home, amid the lockdown that made schools shut down their premises, the power of data and digital tools has changed the way education gets delivered.
Digitization in the education sector refers to delivering education via desktop computers, mobile devices, the internet, software applications, and other digital technology tools.
The education industry is student-driven and utilizes students and teachers to contribute to society.
We as a world still lag in terms of education owing to a lack of digitized business practices in the education industry.
Hence, it becomes imperative to contribute our very best to educational practices.
According to recent research, approximately 260 million children aged 5 and 16 receive no schooling owing to a lack of internet connectivity and digitized education.
COVID-19 pandemic has made this situation even worse, where the only way to access education is through the digital medium owing to the lockdown and online learning processes for students.
Access to education is one of the children’s rights that no one can deny them.
Still, due to the lack of digitized business practices in the education industry, billions of students are away from education, hampers the GDP per capita.
In countries with good digital infrastructure, the education quality is impressive compared to countries with unreliable digital connectivity in their vicinity.
“Fox ERP for education” streamlines, digitizes and manages the entire education business cycle with its unique features by tracking and recording the critical and necessary information and the overall complete education management cycle.
Critical activities such as creating a student application, maintaining student’s personal information, setting up student’s programs and courses, and tracking and managing each student’s attendance, among others, ERP contains everything, all in a single unique system.
Furthermore, the benefits of digitized educational activities make it a more preferred and in-demand solution for the academic industry.

Simplified Admission Process

The admission process in educational institutes is one of the primary activities. With the rise in many students getting admitted each year, admission process becomes difficult.
An ERP software eases the entire admission process by digitizing the admission activities.
Fox ERP smooths the admission process by creating virtual documents of students.
It also manages and stores students’ personal information such as their name, contact number details, guardian details, and course allotted, among others.

Student Attendance

Marking students’ attendance is the most common practice in any educational institution.
Digitized attendance not only improves the attendance process but also saves time.
Fox ERP’s students’ attendance tool enables teachers to mark students’ attendance during class. It also allows instructors to keep students’ attendance faster with simple checkboxes by recording correspondence attendance in the backend.

Document Storage

Storing students’ documents is an essential part of an educational institute.
Students appear for exams, write exams in the paper, and their information gets stored in documents.
At times, managing a large volume of documents becomes tedious. Fox ERP’s “Document storage” feature lets users upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, and documents either directly or using a web link.

Program Enrollment

Program enrollment defines the course structure of the students.
Students get to choose the programs they are interested in, which enrolls them in that program. Fox ERP’s program enrollment feature records enrollment and chooses courses for a particular academic year.
It automatically enables the users to create their program enrollment by adding the mandatory courses.

Assessment plans

Students’ assessment plans are an integral part of an educational institute as it talks about the students’ performance and their matrices.
Fox ERP helps to capture students’ details such as student group, grade scale, assessment criteria, examiner by creating an Assessment Plan in a digitized format.


Digital is the new normal, and so are digitized business practices.
Educational institutes leverage digitized business practices that drive scalable business and profitable insights to remain competitive.
“Fox ERP for Education” streamlines the educational activities that enable students to utilize the benefits of the digitized business activities in the education sector by easing the business process across the entire value chain of education.

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