Digitized Education on the Go with Fox ERP

Digitized Education on the Go with Fox ERP

Apr 2022

Digitization is all around. Refer to it as a boon or regard it as a bane, but nothing can deny that digitized practices are all around.
From the manufacturing industry to the healthcare industry, almost every industry has adopted or is adapting to digitization, leveraging the advent of digital transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to several challenges, resulted in the worldwide lockdown, and gave birth to digitized business practices.
Digitization is no more a concept but a culture these days. Digitization, culturally, refers to the integration of digital technologies by digitizing everything that can be digitized.
Hence, digitization is visible across the sectors, enabling digitally driven tools and technologies at the forefront of the organizations.
Earlier, organizations used to remain vulnerable in investing in digital tools and technologies due to uncertainties regarding the return on investments, lack of know-how of technology, and declining budgetary allocations to digital technology.
New concepts such as Ed-tech, and digital schools, which refer to the digitization of schools, colleges, and educational institutes, are prevailing in the market these days.
According to recent research, the global market value of the Ed-Tech and Smart classroom market will reach USD 181 Billion by 2025.
This sharp growth in the global Ed-Tech market attributes to the rise in demand for digital classrooms, owing to remote schools due to worldwide lockdown from the pandemic.
This digital disruption has brought a revolution in the market.
The education sector and other sectors such as Distribution, Retail, Agriculture, and Healthcare, among others, are observing the impact of digitization on services and products on a larger scale.

Digital Schools: A Reality Now

The concept of digital schools is now a reality. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the world shifted to a digital model, how come the schools remain on a manual, traditional way of delivering education?
Schools, too, moved to a digital platform, leveraging the digital tools and technologies, and making education digitized to students on a larger scale.
However, this was not as easy as it seemed.
The concept of digital schools has been there for a couple of decades, but it did not exist on such a large scale before the pandemic emerged.
In the digital transformation phase of radical development where technology takes over every niche and corner, smartphones, laptops, and tablets are no more unknown to the students.
With this phase of the education system, students are evolving with digitized education and not only confined to the limits of simple traditional learning.

Elements of Digital Education

1. Online courses

Education is not only delivered through classrooms anymore.
With the digital schools in place, experts in the respective fields design courses for students and put them online for quick learning, thereby leveraging digital education.

2. Online exams

Taking the exams is no more a hassle. Gone are the days when students used to attend classrooms and appear physically for exams. Online exams have paved the way for digitization, giving way to virtual exams making the examination process convenient for both teachers and students.

3. Digital textbooks

Like other elements of education, textbooks, too, are leveraging the digital benefits, becoming prevalent with different names like e-textbooks and e-texts.
These digital textbooks provide an interactive interface to the students, giving them access to multimedia content such as videos and interactive presentations.

4. Animation

Animation is no more limited to cartoons and funny videos for kids and students.
With the surge in digitization in the education sector, another element for delivering online education is via animation.
By utilizing the captivating approach, students learn in a better manner via visual representation of the topic in a more understandable way with the help of animation.
Among several online tools and software in the market, ERP remains one of the most preferred software in the education industry.
ERP streamlines and digitizes several business processes in the education business.
ERP does all the essential aspects of the education business, from maintaining students’ information digitally to creating assessment plans.
Storing the documents online, creating the program enrolment, and marking students’ attendance online, it makes the entire education processes digitized.
“Fox ERP for Education,” with its elegant features and sleek user interface, remains one of the most preferred ERP software.
“Fox ERP for Education” ensures the streamlining of business processes digitally, in an automated format, managing the entire education business cycle by tracking and recording the critical and necessary information and the overall complete education management cycle.
Its “Do it yourself” mode makes Fox ERP quickly implemented in the business, negating the need for experts to do so.
Fox ERP’s unique features and unparalleled advantages make it one of the best ERP software in the market.


With the rise in digitized business practices across the sectors, the education industry also leverages digital tools and technologies to deliver education to students.
Easy access, smooth processes, and a quick delivery mode of education enable users to digitize the entire education system.
“Fox ERP for Education” eases the entire education system by digitally revolutionizing the education business processes.

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