Digital Education in Industry 4.0: Fox ERP digitizing learning practices

Digital Education in Industry 4.0: Fox ERP digitizing learning practices

Apr 2022

Digitization transformation is the talk of the town these days.
Like any other phenomenon that once emerged and ruled, businesses’ digitization has also shifted to the top of the pyramid nowadays.
Call it the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or its aftermath.

Still, digital transformation has indeed occupied the driver’s seat these days, enabling businesses to move to digitized business practices and reap its benefits.
Several industries underwent digitalization as a repercussion of the pandemic. With social distancing as a standard norm, followed by the worldwide lockdown, digitization came at the helm of business processes.
For instance, manufacturing processes moved towards RPA, and automation, streamlining the business units and operations.
Similarly, the healthcare industry, too, has witnessed digitization in its day-to-day activities, from maintaining EHRs (electronic health records) to generating automated billing and pricing structures; this industry, too, leveraged digital business practices.
The education industry, as well, has observed digitization in its activities, delivering education via digital modes once the online classes became the only way out.
Online education has been implemented for a couple of decades, but it saw the highest penetration once the pandemic hit the masses.
A recently conducted research suggests that online education has surged by 31% since the pandemic emerged.
This massive shift in delivery mode attributes to the rise in demand for online education owing to the global lockdown.
Initially, educational institutes observed obstacles in delivering online education due to a lack of assurance from industry players, unavailability of expertise to implement digital tools and technologies, and uncertainty regarding investment returns.
Educational institutes initially did not invest massively in online tools and technologies.
However, it soon became normal as soon as the benefits of online education started outnumbering the investments required.

Some of the expected benefits of the Online mode of education are listed below.

1. Less turnaround time

Education delivered online tends to reap benefits quicker than the offline mode of education.
Students can take online tests, their assignments are evaluated online, and results also get generated online, catering to the online education requirements.
Quick delivery of education enhances students’ experience and adds value to the curriculum vitae.

2. Lower Costs

The online mode of education is comparatively less costly than offline education.
Schools and educational institutes cut massive infrastructure costs, adding value to the education system.
Lower costs of education help educational institutes save a significant chunk of money and add value to the overall education delivery platform.

3. Higher productivity

Digital schools, just as a concept, received significant applause from everywhere. While the schools were shut down, the online mode of education ensured seamless education delivery to the masses.
Online mode contributed to the surge in productivity of the online method of education, enabling seamless education for the students.
Of the various online tools and technologies, ERP products remain one of the most preferred digital tools and technologies that help educational institutes achieve their goal of digital education with utmost ease.
Online delivery of education caters to the demand for education and eases the online penetration of education without the need for external third parties.
“Fox ERP for Education” is one such ERP product that manages various essential activities in the education business, such as creating a student application, maintaining student’s personal information, setting up student programs and courses, and tracking and managing each student’s attendance, among others, all in a single unique system.


Digital is the way to go these days. In this new standard, digital has become the new normal.
The online mode of education not only enhances the education industry but also increases overall productivity by leveraging the power of digital data and digital tools and technologies, adding value to the educational institutes.
“Fox ERP for Education” enables educational institutes to leverage online education, adding value to the entire education spectrum.

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