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Digital Education gets easier with "Fox ERP for Education."

Aug 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of several industry sectors to digitization. It is not just the digital requirement created for the businesses but also the new ways of doing business.

Digitization has pushed organizations to adapt to digital ways of doing business. Still, it has also made the educational institutes adopt digital education to support, perform, and embrace digital education as a way to go in such digital times.

According to recent research, the digital education market will reach USD 46 Billion by 2026. Factors such as the rise in online education, penetration of internet connectivity, and surge in digital education platforms are prompting the digital education space.

Below discussed are some of the benefits that digital education provides organizations:

1. Access to Remote education

With the rise in digitization, remote education has become the norm. With schools and colleges shut down, online virtual education delivery remains the only option for educational institutes.

Easy access to education, digital educational tools, and remote educational delivery sets a platform for a hassle-free ed-tech space.

2. Increased Collaboration

The online strategy brings virtual players together to work to improve the educational system.

Online and offline players, Ed-tech start-ups, and online companies collaborate to deliver education to all.

3. Student-driven Transformation

Online education delivers a hassle-free user experience, bringing the students and teachers on a common platform.

Students are the primary education driver, making digital transformation essential for education providers.
The classroom experience reflects students' normal social interactions by responding well to the rising need for e-learning.

This enhances student engagement by evaluating a greater understanding of complex ideas and delivering education for one and all.

4. Digital Investments, Digital Results

Often schools, colleges, and educational institutes shy away from investing in digital education.

Investing in digital education is costly, but what comes as expensive gets overpowered by the benefits it offers, both financially and in time and effort, keeping pace with a changing world and ensuring hassle-free education.

5. Digital Penetration

With the rise in digital systems prevalent in education, organizations are at different levels of ease in online education.

Still, activities such as maintaining attendance and handling documents are a significant hindrance, which gets outnumbered by the digital benefits of e-learning modes.

"Fox ERP for Education" is one such ERP software that not only streamlines the educational processes and activities but also adds value to the online delivery of education.

It offers unique benefits and advantages that remain integral to an education system.

Its "Do it yourself" mode of implementation is one of the easy-to-implement software that drives growth and promotes digital education.


Digital education is the need of the hour these days. Education is getting delivered via the online medium in digital formats.

Gone are the days when education was limited to schools and colleges; now is the time when it is accessible anytime from any remote location, making it convenient for all.
Fox ERP for Education delivers hassle-free digital education within a few clicks.

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