Automating HRMS Activities with Fox ERP’s HR Module

Automating HRMS Activities with Fox ERP's HR Module

Aug 2022

HRMS, or Human Resource Management System as they call it, has come to the forefront of organizations in ways better than anticipated a couple of decades ago.

It has occupied all ways HR activities are carried out in an organization. HR is an essential department in any organization as it deals with Human Resources, workflow, workforce, and employees; it remains a crucial element of an organization.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizations have shifted to a remote work model, making the employees work from home, with absolutely no contact with other employees in person.
With digitization making remote work more prevalent, remote work has pushed HR and HR-related activities to become digitized and automated, pushing the organizations to streamline their HR activities in digitally driven ways. These days, the scope of HR has widened further, enabling the employees to work from remote locations, yet remain in complete control and communication with their office.
With the growing employee strength and a competitive business market, HR departments focus on other additional activities that ensure the well-being of employees.
At the same time, they are at work, necessitating the companies to put a robust, integrated, and automated system that brings all human resources activities under one roof and provides unified services.

According to a recently conducted survey covering organizations from across the sectors worldwide, 45% of organizations have switched to HRMS software since the remote work took place.
It includes several HR activities such as attendance marking, leaves requests, and document management, among others which employees and employers get access to at any time from anywhere, enabling the workforce to have a digital experience covering the organizations.

HRMS allows organizations to enable processes and systems to ensure easy management and smooth functioning of data, human resources, and different business processes with a single integrated system.
From employees’ payroll management to attendance and time management, organizations leverage HRMS for all their crucial HR activities, driving digitization at its forefront.
An integrated system helps organizations quickly access the leaves database to find the total available leaves of employees and accordingly approve or reject the request depending on the availability.
It also gets access to the employees, making the process transparent behind the approval or rejection of attendance or leaves.

Similarly, employees’ information and data are managed under a single umbrella, making the HRMS activities smoother.
HRMS also allows the organizations to enhance the organizational effectiveness of a company, making it self-reliant, which leads to consistency in managing various HR activities.
It, therefore, promotes transparency and improves employee engagement within various functions, such as employee appraisal and disciplinary tracking, in alignment with organizations’ business goals and working towards improving commitment, inspiration, and information among the workers.

Fox ERP’s HR module has unique and remarkable features that help users efficiently manage their HRMS activities. It also pushed companies to drive growth, efficiency, and resilience by cutting extra costs, saving time, and increasing overall productivity.
It also helps organizations create a digitized environment for workers, thus necessitating the digital footprint of organizations and pushing digitization.


Digitization is now a reality, and like many other business processes, HRMS, too, is getting positively impacted by digital transformation. It has not only eased the HR activities and related tasks. Still, it has also created a digital way of carrying out HR-related activities and driving growth across the value chain of businesses.

Fox HR remains one of the most preferred choices for HRMS amongst industry players, allowing users to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

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