Agro Tech is the future: Digitization in Agricultural Business Processes

Agro Tech is the future: Digitization in Agricultural Business Processes

Apr 2022

The times have changed, the technologies have innovated, and the ways of doing business have evolved.
That’s what the COVID-19 pandemic presented in front of the world. Not only the challenges it has posed to the corporates, businesses, and communities at large, but it has also provided the world with opportunities to leverage on and add value to their businesses.

From manufacturing to healthcare, almost every sector has banked upon the opportunities that came with the pandemic.
While tackling the challenges of the pandemic was at the forefront of the organizations and businesses across the sectors, making the most of the opportunities remains one of the most preferred strategies from the organizations.
At times, it is not viable to mitigate the challenges completely. What is possible is minimizing the adverse effects of those challenges, and digitization is the tool that enables organizations to minimize the negative impacts of pandemic-driven challenges.
With the rise in digital transformation, digitized business practices prevailed all over, enabling the organizations to reap the benefits of digitization diligently.
Such benefits get observed in the agriculture sector, where the farmers and agri-business players also realize the benefits of digital transformation with agrotech.
Agrotech refers to using technology in agricultural activities to drive profitability and efficiency.
Like other sectors, agriculture, too, has reported increased profitability, higher yields, and cost reduction with the application of digitization.
According to recent research, the global smart agriculture market will reach USD 20 billion by 2026. This massive surge in the global smart agro market attributes to the rise in demand for automation in agricultural activities.
Many agro companies have reported investing in digital tools and technologies to drive profits, cut costs, and increase the farm’s efficiency with higher yields.

Significance of Agro Tech in Industry 4.0

The agrotech improves the input and output of the entire agricultural process.
Recently conducted research shows that agro companies have benefited globally through tremendous progress in crops yields, plant and animal health, and farm productivity with the digitization in agro.
Digital tools and technology in agriculture technologies include drones, weather forecasts, automated irrigation, software for disease prediction, and other technologies helping in the increase of crops yield and disease control.
While the digital transformation is prevailing, the agrotech has provided the farmers and the agro-business players with unique benefits; some prominent ones are discussed below.

1. GIS-based Agriculture

Innovation drives efficiency, they say, and so is true in agrotech. GIS-based tracking of crops helps farmers predict changes in temperature, crop yield, precipitation, and others.
The software helps farmers combat crops’ problems in specific areas, saving time, money, and effort.

2. Satellite Data

Agrotech helps in tracking and managing crops and crop fields.
The data derived through satellite helps farmers with the vegetation content, plant health, and detection of nitrogen content, among others, making farming and agriculture easy and sustainable.

3. Data from Drones

The usage of drones has increased these days magnanimously. Drones enable farmers to define plant height, the presence of unnecessary crops, and water saturation by collecting a massive amount of data in a short period.
Farmers and agri-business players drive meaningful insights with agrotech, maximizing digital transformation benefits and making digitally-driven decisions.
“Fox ERP for Agriculture” manages the entire agriculture business cycle with its unique features that record and track the crop field’s locations, crops and plants’ diseases, fertilizers, and overall crop cycles.
“Fox ERP for Agriculture” allows users to analyze soil, water, and weather through analytics and insights for multiple crop fields simultaneously.
Fox ERP helps users record the sales, purchase orders, invoices using selling and purchase modules. “Fox ERP for Agriculture” is a complete suite of agriculture-based ERP software which, with its unique benefits and outstanding features, remains one of the most preferred ERP software in the market.


Digital is the new normal, and so are digitized business practices.
With digitized business processes in agriculture, farmers and business players attain enhanced outputs, high yields, profits, and scalable agro-business.
“Fox ERP for Agriculture” helps businesses reap the benefits of digital transformation in agriculture, enabling a complete agrotech environment.

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