Agriculture sees the wave of digitization offering a digital yield.

Agriculture sees the wave of digitization offering a digital yield.

Mar 2022

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of doing business worldwide.
The remote work model, the worldwide lockdown, and the social distancing norms were necessary steps taken by the governments to curb the infection, but it has also paved the way for a new world.

The new digitized world is the need of the hour, with several businesses experiencing a different set of procedures and operations that marks the beginning of Industry 4.0.
Industry 4.0, Digital Revolution, Fourth Industrial Revolution are standard terms used interchangeably for this digital revolution setting a tone for the all-new digital era.
This digital era has not only shifted the world to a digital stage with digital tools and technologies. Still, it has also resulted in an all-new digital environment among businesses.
However, unlike the manufacturing, or retail industry, digitization in the agriculture industry is a tad different.
Recognized as a niche concept in the agricultural business processes, the digitization of agro-business practices embeds digital tools and technologies to overcome the day-to-day hurdles in the business practices and overcome them with utmost resilience and ease.
According to recent research, digitization in businesses has been tremendous.
The research suggests that since pandemic has emerged, 37% of the business have already moved to digitization, considering it as one of their primary business strategies, while another 23% are planning to move to digitized business practices aggressively.
This high proportion of business leaders shifting to digitized business practices attributes to rising digital transformation among the business players.
Organizations across various sectors are adopting digitized business due to the surge in digital transformation.
The agricultural sector is an extensive workforce industry where farmers work day in and out to process a high yield with the output of the crops.
Digitization in the agro-business processes is quite complex as compared to other sectors.
Processes in the agro sector get streamlined from the yield point of view in agro-business practices.
From selecting the farmlands to tracking the crops and fields, processes in the agro-business are cumbersome, which puts farmers and agri-business leaders in dilemma for investing in the digital business tools and technologies.
However, owing to the rising uncertainties in the agro-business and rising instances of uncertainties such as unpredictable weather and seasonal conditions, agro-business leaders try to capture the crop and seasonal data to combat the significant impacts of climate change.
This, in turn, results in the digitization of agro processes, which streamlines and digitizes the entire business processes of agriculture.
Fox ERP for Agriculture is one such ERP product that provides an all-new digital transformation to the entire agro-industry by streamlining agro-business practices.
Fox ERP for Agriculture manages the entire agriculture business cycle with its unique features that record and track the crop field’s locations, diseases of crops and plants, fertilizers, and the overall crop cycles.
With Fox ERP for Agriculture, users can analyze the crops, plants, soil, water, and weather through analytics and insights not only for one but multiple crop fields simultaneously in one go.
It manages all the agriculture-related activities with just one software by recording and tracking the orders and invoices along with crops and fertilizers, benefitting various agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain.
From managing crops, and crop cycles, tracking crop location and area of the field, to analyzing the contents of plants, water, and the soil, Fox ERP streamlines all crucial activities involved in the agro-business. Its automated sales and purchase and billing and pricing automate several processes involved in the overall business processes of the agro-business.
Its “Do it Yourself” mode of implementation makes it easier for the implementation purpose, enabling the users to generate massive output and profitable insights that leverage high yield and enhanced business processes in the agro domain.


Digitization is all around. With digital transformation prevailing in every industry, software such as Fox ERP provides the agro-business players with an opportunity to leverage digitization and cater to digitized agro activities with utmost ease.
It provides the farmers and agri-business players with an all-new digital advantage to produce higher yields and add value to digitized agro-business methods.

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