Agriculture in Industry 4.0: Digitizing Agro practices with “Fox ERP for Agriculture.”

Agriculture in Industry 4.0: Digitizing Agro practices with "Fox ERP for Agriculture."

Jun 2022

Agriculture is a labor-intensive sector, where manual practices of farming are employed in the old traditional ways.
With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has started moving to digital ways of doing business.

Take any industry, for instance; the manual ways of performing business activities are turning to digital ways of doing businesses, giving an all-new rise to digital transformation.
From the manufacturing industry to the Service sector, corporates and industry players are focussing on driving growth with the digital, and that’s true with Agriculture as well, where AgTech is prevailing at a more rapid pace than ever.

Ag Tech or Smart Farming, as they call it, no more remains merely a concept; instead, it has become a reality in these changing, uncertain times.
A recently conducted research suggests that the global value of the AgTech market will reach USD 21 Billion by 2026.
This rise in the Ag Tech market attributes to the increase in the adoption of digital ways of farming.

Requirements such as decreasing the costs and increasing the field yields remain crucial for deploying digital tools and technologies in farming practices.

However, to initiate digitization and enable farmers to leverage the benefits of digitization, the following factors are mandated to drive digital transformation in farming.

1. Automation

Automation of manual processes leads to the digitization of agro practices in the most efficient ways.
The entire automation process includes reengineering labor-intensive processes and accelerating digital transformation across the agricultural value chain.

2. Emerging Technologies

Digitization is not possible without applying emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, and others.
The significance of these technologies is that farming activities get streamlined in digitally-driven ways.
Sensors are embedded in the fields which collect the data, which is then utilized to make informed decisions by the farmers.
Similarly, drones are utilized to collect information about the status of crops, land use, and soil condition, among others which enables farmers to take actionable insights.

3. Crop Monitoring

Crops get monitored using digital tools, allowing farmers to utilize the capabilities of AgTech in crop monitoring and making decisions that take businesses forward.
It plays an essential role as the right decisions about the crops at the right time enhance the farming yield and drive digitization in the agro processes.

4. Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes such as humidity, weather forecasts, and rainfall prediction, among others, get analyzed by the satellites, and information is sent through signals to the digital tools, which get analyzed, and effective preventive measures are taken by the farmers.

5. Plant, Soil, and Water Content Analysis

Plant, soil, and water content analysis play a vital role in obtaining higher yields.
Farmers utilize digital tools to track plant, soil, and water content which help them drive actionable insights based on content availability.

Furthermore, apart from the above discussed emerging technologies and tools, ERP software, too, plays a crucial role in digitizing farming activities.
ERP software such as “Fox ERP for Agriculture” streamlines the various business processes in agricultural activities in digitally-driven ways.

“Fox ERP for Agriculture” manages the entire agriculture business cycle with its unique features that record and track the crop field’s locations, diseases of crops and plants, fertilizers, and the overall crop cycles.
With “Fox ERP for Agriculture,” users can analyze your crops, plants, soil, water, and weather through analytics and insights for multiple crop fields simultaneously.

It manages all the agriculture-related activities with just one software by recording and tracking your orders and invoices and crops and fertilizers, benefitting various agricultural stakeholders across the entire value chain.


Digital and business processes go hand in hand.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged, digital has become the new normal, with almost every industry across the sectors digitizing its operations.
Meanwhile, it became imperative for the agriculture sector to streamline its business activities that digitize the farming activities and improve the yield.

Providing unique features and unparalleled advantages, “Fox ERP for Agriculture” remains the first choice among farming industry players.

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