Addressing Customers’ Queries effectively with Fox ERP’s Help Desk Module

Addressing Customers' Queries effectively with Fox ERP's Help Desk Module

Sep 2022

Customers are the king, they say, and that holds in every aspect of businesses.
From manufacturing, retail, and distribution to healthcare, education, and IT & Consulting, somewhere somewhat, it is the customers that set the tone of a fruitful business.

Whether generating revenues, attaining efficiency, or driving profitability, customers hold the onus to make or break any business.
Research also suggests that out of every ten instances of losing a customer, six attributes to lack of customer satisfaction account for a massive 60% of customer loss due to customer dissatisfaction.

Hence, customer satisfaction becomes a significant criterion determining how well an organization performs in the market.

Companies understand this factor well and take essential steps to satisfy their customers with their services and products and delight them, ultimately leading them to retain customers.
Ever since the dawn of industry 4.0, which evolved with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the customers’ journey is constantly evolving, striving to transform their customer experience into the digital customer experience.

Gone are the days when customers traveled long distances to resolve their queries at the customer care centers; now, every customer query, concern, and the issue gets resolved within seconds in the comfort of their homes.
This is what digitization has given to the world; it has not only eased the business processes but has also enhanced the customer experience, increased efficiency, and improved productivity in terms of turnaround time and cost savings.

The extent of how significant digital customer experience gets is determined by the surge in the number of digital transactions, which subsequently enhances the customer experience, thereby transforming it into a digital customer experience.
Organizations, these days, take the below-mentioned steps to enhance their customer experience into the digital customer experience.

1. Customer Service Optimization

Optimization leads to increased productivity, which goes true when addressing customers’ issues.
Customer service optimization refers to a continual process of using data to improve organizations’ interactions with their customers across the entire value chain of their business.
Addressing a customer query with business process optimization leads to customer delight, enabling organizations to retain their customers.

2. Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel customer experience refers to continuous assistance for customers with a seamless network of devices.
Businesses with robust omnichannel customer service consistently deliver great experiences for their customers regardless of the communication channel, transforming the customer experience into a digital customer experience.

3. Regular Customer Feedback

Regular customer feedback allows organizations to improve their services and products, thereby enabling them to identify the loopholes in their services and products, providing them with the opportunities to improve the quality, which ultimately retains more clients compared to the ones that do not leverage on customer feedbacks.
Organizations understand the very importance of having customer feedback.
Hence, they take steps to record customer feedback via online surveys, digital forms, and questionnaires.

Aware of the rising significance of a digital customer experience, Fox ERP’s Help Desk module addresses customers’ queries effectively.
Fox ERP is one of the most preferred ERP software owing to its unique benefits and remarkable features.

Its Help Desk module comes with features such as the Issue portal, which takes care of the queries raised by customers digitally.
Its customer support team automates the support tickets to its customer support team and resolves the queries raised by the customers, hence delivering a seamless digital customer experience.
It also comes up with a feature of maintaining SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and tracking fulfillment which helps organizations deliver a hassle-free digital customer experience.
Moreover, Fox ERP’s “Do it yourself” mode of implementation makes it easy to implement.


Customer experience has always remained an integral part of a business.
With the rise in digitization and digital transformation, the significance of digital; customer experience has become more critical.
The digital Help Desks ease the entire customer experience for organizations.
Fox ERP’s Help Desk not only helps organizations resolve their customers’ queries instantly and drives digital customer experience, retaining clients in digitally driven ways.

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