FOX ERP for Services is one of the best ERP domains for the services industry.

Now know your leads and customers in just a few clicks. FOX ERP for Service assists you in building a relationship with your customers using loyalty programs and thus helps you grow your business faster than ever.
Better logistics process with FOX ERP for Services
  • Companies in the services industry face several challenges that hinder their business growth.
  • FOX ERP for Services assists in identifying those challenges and provides a prompt solution. Moreover, it has multiple features that enhance business processes.
  • It allows users to run campaigns for customer acquisition and sets maintenance visits and schedules that increase the logistics process productivity.
  • It also manages different projects at a single time by issuing SLAs (service level agreements).
Customer Management
  • It assists in accounts processes, tax calculations, and financial transactions automatically. It has a multi-currency feature that manages overseas customers’ profiles.
  • FOX ERP for Services domain has a secured data backup system that tracks all the crucial details of customers such as email IDs, customers’ mobile numbers, address details, among others.
  • You can set a credit limit that enables you to prevent or resume further sales as per your business requirement.
  • Thus, it bridges the gap between the organization and its customers, allowing the business to grow.
Customer Campaigns
  • Acquiring customers and penetrating a market remains some of the biggest challenges in the initial stages of business.
  • Businesses end up losing customers if the customers’ acquisition is not done properly.
  • Also, managing the leads remains a crucial aspect of the sales.
  • With FOX ERP’s Campaign feature, you can send auto-generated emails to multiple leads and manage and mitigate threats, if any.
Subscription Management
  • Subscription models tend to retain more customers as compared to non-subscribed ones.
  • It retains the existing customers and creates a pool of potential customers.
  • Now, you can assign different subscription plans to multiple customers with FOX ERP’s Subscription feature.
  • It defines the subscription period for the customers so that the organization can reach out to multiple customers with a different plan and subscription period at the same time.
  • After the end of the subscription period, the system automatically generates invoices for the customers.
Manage Projects Efficiently
  • An organization drives scalable profits and more business when its projects are managed efficiently.
  • Now, you can manage the internal and external projects more effectively with FOX ERP for Services.
  • It provides multiple features that assist in project management in digitized ways.
  • For instance, using the Time Sheets tool, billing to the customers for the employee engagement in their site is now more accessible than ever.
  • The Service domain tracks and manages their employees deployed to the client site for effective project management.
  • Moreover, Gantt charts and Kanban boards assist in visualizing the comparative development of the projects at clients’ sites quickly.
Help desk
  • A Service company faces more challenges compared to any product company.
  • FOX ERP understands this issue and has developed multiple features that can organize and manage the unprecedented issues that may arise.
  • Fox ERP effectively takes care of customers’ redressal by tracking customers’ issues.
  • Once a customer issue is received on the configured email address, Fox ERP’s ‘Append To’ feature moves it in FOX ERP immediately. It then sorts issues into numerous heads based on leads, projects, or companies.
  • It also tracks the updates of the time taken to receive responses and service level agreements.
Service level agreement
  • It’s difficult to respond to issues and difficulties quickly and effectively, resulting in a high turnaround time.
  • To combat high turnaround time, FOX ERP’s Service Level Agreement function assists in setting and adhering to standards.
  • You can set targets and take necessary actions to ensure your customers’ delight using service levels, which measure time to respond and resolve.
  • SLAs get automatically applied to new issues as soon as they arrive.
  • Supporting hours can also be set to ensure that the consumers are adequately informed.
Warranty Claim Management
  • Products and services with a warranty perform better in the market than those with less or no warranty.
  • FOX ERP for Services record and manage warranty and annual maintenance contracts for various serialized objects delivered to clients.
  • Serialized inventory feature assists you in finding out exactly which units are in or out of warranty/AMC.
  • It also sets resolution and customer information for valid claims.
  • Its Maintenance Visits features handle large items or items installed at the customer’s location.
Service Maintenance
  • After-sale service is a crucial aspect of the service industry.
  • At times, bringing the products to your site is not possible due to the magnanimous structure of products and their massive weight, and hence maintenance visits become imperative.
  • FOX ERP for service eases this process.
  • It arranges maintenance visits, schedules appointments, and records and tracks the complete details, such as the date and time, the service manager’s visits, and the “work in progress” details.
  • It shows the real-time update of the service done, enabling you to visualize the work assigned to a service manager.
Scheduling Maintenance
  • Scheduling and maintaining regular visits to the clients’ sites ensures the quality and precision of the products.
  • It repairs the damages, if any, and adds to the added features of the products, which further enhances the product quality.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) refers to regular maintenance visits at the customer site that keep the product in good condition.
  • FOX ERP’s Scheduling Maintenance feature captures all the details of the visits at customers’ points.
  • You can also generate an auto-maintenance schedule for a predefined period for an effective maintenance schedule.
Multi-currency Management
  • Business these days deals in multiple currencies.
  • The advent of globalization has resulted in transactions into multiple currencies simultaneously.
  • With FOX ERP, managing transactions in different countries is hassle-free and accessible than other ERP products.
  • It allows you to send invoices to various counties with any currency. It automatically changes the unit to its base value., enabling quick transactions.
  • Moreover, you can view financial reports of multiple currencies instantly.
  • You also get the liberty to add additional expenses that may arise during the manufacturing or logistics stages.
Billing & Pricing Process
  • Billing and pricing are among the essential elements of a business cycle.
  • It brings revenue to the business and drives profits.
  • FOX ERP for Service allows you to manage your customers’ entire subscription billing cycle in a hassle-free manner in digitized format.
  • You can create autogenerated invoices for your customers and follow up on them by sending payment requests via email and SMS notifications.
  • It alerts the parties regarding payment receivables and due amounts, if any.
  • With the customer default print format template, you can process the transaction faster.