Now reinvent faster and simpler Sales and Buying process with FOX ERP – Selling & Buying Module.

From Inventory management to replenishment of stock and sales order creation to customer communication, supplier management, logistic management to closing sales are now under one roof with FOX ERP - Selling & Buying Module.
Real-time view of Sales & Buying Process.

For any business, it is essential to have a complete track of the sales and buying process. This helps you with data to take an instant critical decision at any point in time.

FOX ERP – Sales & Purchase Module provides all these data instantly for your decision-making process. Its simplified dashboard allows you to view the KPI’s relevant to the sales and buying process.

The customized accounting module and simplified dashboard assist you in various analyses essential for your business growth and expansion.

Multi-Product Variance

Managing the inventory of the products with its multiple variances is essential for any business.

FOX ERP manages the inventory of stocks and their variants separately under the primary category.

It makes your items stored as an item template with the variants stored as item variants.

By doing this, the tedious process of managing numerous items with different shapes, colors, and dimensions becomes more simplified than ever.

Also, it allows the distributors/ inventory managers to access variants of products in just a few clicks.

Instant Serial No Tracking Process

To keep an instant update of the inventory, it is essential to have a tracking number against all stock in their respected storage location.

This helps in having a ready update of the stock at any point in time.

FOX ERP comes with serialized inventory feature that allows you to view the real-time stock status at any time.

Moreover, you can utilize this feature to analyze the stock’s life cycle from manufacturing to the sale of the product.

Thus, it assists in monitoring the inventory tracking, validates stock levels, manages inter-warehouse transfers, and creates produce reports for specific warehouses at your fingertips.

Multi-Management Support

As the business expands, it is essential to have simplified business support that is automated and simplifies the inventory management process on your behalf without any trouble.

Moreover, it should also enhance the productivity of the inventory management process.

FOX ERP is an advanced ERP product that simplifies the inventory process.

FOX ERP assists in managing multiple functions like manufacturing date, expiring date, analyses, and support all stages of the product life cycle from manufacturing to after -sales service and more under one roof.

Multi-Channel Sales Platform

In the world of the Digital era, a multi-channel sales platform is essential for the expansion of any business.

It helps to reach a maximum no of customers within a short duration of time.

FOX ERP helps businesses in managing multiple channels instantly.

It allows you to integrate Sales applications like Shopify / Amazon and others in just a few clicks. Moreover, it simplifies the business process for you.

Elegant Print Format Support

The first impression is essential for any business. Sending a crisp, professional, and objective-oriented quotation retains clients, whereas a non-professional one leads you to lose your clients even before the first meeting.

Fox ERP allows you to customize the formal template per the client profile using HTLM or Jinja templating.

It is only one-time activity. You can use the same template for a similar type of client.

Thus, Fox ERP enables you to retain clients and scale your business to new heights.

Marketing Support

Digital Marketing is an essential part of marketing in today’s era.

It assists you in reaching out to your prospective leads faster, but the biggest challenge is to convert those leads into clients.

Our CRM Module has a unique tool to assist you in closing the leads faster than ever before. You can send professional bulk emails via email campaign to your prospective leads.

You can send elegant, designed newsletters, greetings, and many more to your customers.

It thus helps in analyzing the email campaigns, allowing you to convert those leads into clients faster.

Quick processing of Journal And Payment

Managing accounts is very important for any business.

Fox ERP maintains a clear and crisp ledger to minimize the errors in transaction entry.

It assists you in tracking the inflow and outflow of cash and provides notification at the time of closing.

It also has the provision of recording advance payment in simplified and crisp.

Thus, the user-friendly module can effortlessly reconcile the entries at one go without any error.

Instant Accounts Receivable Update

Tracking credits and receivables eases the financial aspects of businesses.

With Fox ERP, you can manage customers better and create loyalty programs and pricing schemes for your business in just a few clicks.

It allows you to monitor the amount receivable from customers to whom the invoice has been created and shared.

Fox ERP also prevents you from billing customers having low credit ratings and delay in payment.

Customer Transparency

Customer Transparency is very essential for any business to enhance the business performance.

If there is no transparency, then you might lose your customers.

If there is no transparency, then you might lose your customers.

Fox ERP allows its clients to view project status.

It assists you in solving issues raised and invoices billed and others. It enables customers a full-fledged, flawless experience while they await the delivery of services.

Email Notification and Updates

Managing clients’ email is an important element in the email marketing of a business. If the emails are not responded to on time, there can be a probability of losing the customer.

Fox ERP enables synchronization of the emailing process.

It allows a unified trail of all correspondence and autoreplies to the incoming emails.

Thus, it manages the overall email cycle across the business processes.

Storage Management

Storing documents is an essential part of businesses.

Practitioners keep multiple reports, notes, and information of their patients.

It becomes tedious to manage these reports due to their larger volumes.

With Fox ERP, you can flawlessly record all forms of documents, images, and videos.

Automate Stock Replenishment Process

Stockout can’t be affordable for any business unite. It can directly affect the company in this competitive market.

Unavailability of the inventory causes chaos and results in losing up customers.

Fox ERP ensures stock and inventory availability to avoid the risk of stockouts.

It automatically creates a stock request once the stock level is below the reorder level.

It also lets you send email notifications to avoid the risk of stockouts.

Promotional Management

Promotions improve the visibility of products, thereby enhancing business profitability.

Products and services don’t get the desired visibility without a proper promotion campaign.

It is essential for both small and large businesses.

Managing discounts is difficult, especially for large merchants.

With FOX ERP promotional schemes, you can manage various parties or conditions.

It helps you run lower prices for your items for a limited period to attract more customers.

Suppliers Management System

Grabbing the opportunity across the border is the first step for expanding the business.

Not dealing in multiple currencies end up losing potential customers with different currencies.

But it would be best to minimize the hindrance that comes in the way. One such hindrance is multi-currency management.

FOX ERP allows you to carry out your business in a different currency without hindrance.

It generates an invoice, adds value, and converts the money to the base currency.

Moreover, it provides financial transactions and reports in a different currency.

Effective Suppliers Portal Management

Managing and tracking the suppliers are vital for any uninterrupted business. Such as the quotation from suppliers, analyzing their confirmation, and follow-up on ongoing purchase and receive are essential aspects of any business.

FOX ERP is a user-friendly application that allows you to

  • Assist suppliers in managing their orders.
  • Receiving and analyzing the quotation from the supplier.
  • Confirmation of the quotation.
  • Allowing the supplier to raise purchase invoice for order fulfilled, you can give final approval after verification.
Accounts Payable process

Maintaining Accounts payable & receivables are an essential aspect for any business from an accounting point of view.

The amount due to suppliers needs to be tracked regularly so that the supply doesn’t get affected due to payment issues.

FOX ERP assists you in maintaining the accounts payable balances of the suppliers.

Once the invoice payment is made to the suppliers, you need to post the entry.

Moreover, you can import all your existing invoices using The Opening Invoice Creation Tool.

Subscription Management

Subscription models tend to retain more customers as compared to non-subscribed ones.

It retains the existing customers and creates a pool of potential customers.

Now, you can assign different subscription plans to multiple customers with FOX ERP’s Subscription feature.

It defines the subscription period for the customers so that the organization can reach out to multiple customers with a different plan and subscription period at the same time.

After the end of the subscription period, the system automatically.

Multi-Currency Management

Business these days deals in multiple currencies.

The advent of globalization has resulted in transactions into multiple currencies simultaneously.

With FOX ERP, managing transactions in different countries is more hassle-free and accessible than other ERP products.

It allows you to send invoices to various counties with any currency. It automatically changes the unit to its base value., enabling quick transactions.

Moreover, you can view financial reports of multiple currencies instantly.

You also get the liberty to add additional expenses that may arise during the manufacturing or logistics stages.