FOX ERP for Retail is a simplified, powerful ERP product that is always ready to counter the challenges faced by retailers in their day-to-day business process.

Its comprehensive cloud solution measures, manages, and sells more and assists in streamlining the retail management process.
Point of Sale (POS) Management
  • It is easy to use ERP product, incredibly adaptable, and incorporated with inventory for ongoing retail executives.
  • It is fully integrated with inventory to provide real-time stock control.
  • Its POS invoices get locally saved in the browser.
  • It provides you with the overall cost structure through digitized invoices.
  • It displays all the commodities available for sale in one single window.
  • It works both on the web and offline platforms.
Stock Management
  • Maintaining stocks is of utmost importance in the Retail businesses.
  • FOX ERP for Retail is an integrated inventory application.
  • It provides you with a real-time inventory available in the warehouse, stock transfers, and more.
  • It maintains your equipment, products, and warehouses details.
  • It assists in batch or serial no scanning.
  • It filters the scanner tag with mobile for bursting quick hunt through stock for better retail management.
  • It also tracks and delivers products in time.
Multi-Store Retail Management
  • Businesses these days manage multiple stores, making it difficult to track each store’s status.
  • FOX ERP for Retail helps you with superfast registration of a newly opened branch in just a few clicks.
  • It investigates each branch and dissects the branch costs, stock developments, benefits, and misfortune to survey the associations’ overall productivity.
  • It helps you drive your overall profitability across your retail management cycle.
Promotional Management
  • Promotions benefit small retailers and large retailers as it increases the visibility of the products.
  • FOX ERP for Retail manages retail discounts and margins for large-scale retailers and distributors.
  • Its promotional schemes feature help you set and change discounts as per your needs.
  • These discounts bring more customers and more traffic to the website, enhancing business.
  • You can also change the pricing estimating rules.
  • It helps run lower prices for your items for a limited period to attract more customers and drive more profits.
Billing & Pricing Process
  • Billing and pricing become tedious when dealing with massive orders.
  • Fox ERP eases the billing and pricing process with its digitized invoices.
  • It creates autogenerated invoices for customers and follow-up by sending payment requests via email and SMS notifications.
  • It also avoids the payment defaults instances.
  • Customers’ default print format template allows processing the transaction faster.
Automate Stock Replenishment Process
  • Maintaining stocks from running out keeps smooth running of the business cycle.
  • Fox ERP, with its digitized tools, ensures stocks by managing the inventory.
  • It prevents stockout in the warehouse by tracking items reorder levels.
  • It creates a material request automatically when the stock level goes below the reorder level.
  • Thus, it helps replenish inventory at the right time to prevent stockouts in the warehouse.
  • Hence, chances of stockouts are avoided, enhancing the customers’ experiences.
Customer Acquisition & Loyalty Programme
  • Acquiring customers result in scalable and profitable business.
  • It assists in handling the customer efficiently in no time.
  • It sets up a loyalty scheme and unique evaluating plans instantly.
  • It keeps up with credit limits, sees receivables, and examines client income to settle on informed business choices.
  • It also tracks the existing customers and runs programs to fetch potential customers.