Project management is of utmost significance, especially while dealing with multiple business processes. Project Module in ERP assists in managing the machinery and materials and non-plant resources such as workforce and information.

FOX ERP's unique features and unparalleled benefits allow you to plan and track customers' needs effectively. It organizes, schedules, and analyzes projects with a task-driven approach, thus streamlining team collaboration and accelerating the workflow.

Following Benefits of FOX ERP – Project Module

Project Task Management

Managing multiple projects sometimes lead to confusion and errors, resulting in missing the deadline for project submission.

FOX ERP is a user-friendly ERP product that assists you with details of each of the projects with deadlines and progress with a clear view.

Moreover, it assists in planning upcoming projects based on comparable projects and estimating deadlines more accurately.

Agile Project Management

In a competitive era of business, where error can affect the business process, you need a task-driven process for managing your projects without any hassle.

FOX ERP task-driven approach simplifies project management.

It minimizes the communication gap and provides full transparency of the project.

It provides eases collaboration among the project team. Moreover, FOX ERP breakdowns the projects into small-sized tasks and assign them to respective teams. It also assists you in project management with efficiency, clear scope, based on priority, estimated timeline, and many more.

To-Do List & Real-Time Chat

Having a To-Do List offers specific desired goals and objectives.

Fox ERP assists in creating and assigning tasks to the project team.

The system automatically adds tasks in their to-dos lists, keeping the assignments hassle-free task-tracking.

Moreover, it mentors and assists you in real-time chat – bringing external communication into internal communication.

Storage Management

It becomes tedious to manage the data and records due to their larger volumes.

Managing data effectively plays a crucial role in the efficiency of businesses.

With Fox ERP, you can record all forms of documents, images, and videos with just a single click.

Thus, it assists you in getting instant references of files or records with utmost ease.

Emails Notification Management

Emails and email management is of utmost importance to keep the hassle-free communication.

If not appropriately synchronized, emails lose clients and incur unnecessary costs.

Fox ERP enables synchronization of the emailing process.

It allows a unified trail of all correspondence and autoreplies to the incoming emails.

It assists in smooth communication with all stakeholders (internal project team members and external clients).

Organization Profitability Analysis

Organizations look for profitability to achieve a scalable business.

Without profitability, it becomes hard for businesses to survive.

FOX ERP assists in project budgets and expenses with accurate and current insights.

It plans the cost for each project phase, allocating budgets against projects, and providing actual expenditure analysis against budgets, all at a single glance.

Time-Tracking & Billing

Tracking the time and billing the inventories becomes essential for businesses.

FOX ERP simplifies actionable items and the activities for projects and tasks based on the requirements.

It captures resource costs and billing to get insights on project profitability on your behalf.

Moreover, it links work to payroll to process salaries instantly and directly.

It saves costs incurred and provides a transparent view of business activities.

Customer Transparency

Customer Transparency is very essential for any business to enhance the business performance.

If there is no transparency, then you might lose your customers.

Losing customers result in a loss in the businesses.

Fox ERP allows its clients to view project status.

It assists you in solving issues, raising invoices billed, and more.

It enables customers a full-fledged, flawless experience while they await the delivery of services.