Fox ERP For Manufacturing

FOX ERP for manufacturing simplifies the production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning, handles subcontracting, and much more.
Multi-level BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Multi-level BOM helps with orders.
  • Create Multi-level BOM and manufacturing orders.
  • It creates the manufacturing order for production and shows you the available and required raw materials for production.
MRP – (Material Resource Planning)
  • An efficient MRP avoids wastages and overproduction.
  • It helps you calculate the quantities required for producing the final goods.
  • It creates Raw Materials Request based on the stock level so that the production process doesn’t get interrupted due to lack of raw material.
  • It helps you with savings avoiding the extra costs that may incur.
Production Planning
(Automated Production Process)
  • Effective production planning smooths the production cycle and maintains efficiency.
  • It tracks and preserves raw materials.
  • It assists in Production Planning based on internal requirements, sales orders, and safety stock level.
  • Its automated process allows you to modify the plan as per the requirements.
Production Report Analysis
(Automated Production Scheduling)
  • Tracking and maintaining raw materials helps with creating production plans.
  • It also increases efficiency and decreases the overall costs.
  • The production reports help you plan the procurement of required raw materials and finished goods.
  • It further enables you to modify the production plans as per the requirements.
Forecast Analysis
(Projection of expected demand)
  • Demand and supply drive the overall market.
  • When you have a predicted forecast, you tend to have enough stocks and items in your inventory that cater to the clients’ requirements.
  • It assists you in projecting the expected demand for finished goods.
  • It allows you to project multiple products at a single point in time.
Downtime Management
(Records Equipment Downtime)
  • It tracks and maintains machines running status.
  • It enables you to create machine-wise downtime manually.
  • Selection is finalized based on machine downtime.
  • It analyzes the machine performances and maintains maintenance processes accordingly.
Production Process Monitoring
(Management of Production procedure)
  • Accurate production avoids chances of wastages.
  • It saves time and costs.
  • It allows you to define the number of units available per machine.
  • It maintains the inventory.
  • It increases the production of the finished goods.
  • An efficient production process drives profits and decreases the turnaround time.
Workstation Management
(Efficiently optimizes the production process)
  • Assists optimizing the workstation based on raw material and other available resources for production.
  • Identifies and eliminates bottlenecks at the shop-floor level by creating capacity planning.
Quality Inspection
(Product Quality Inspection)
  • Terrific quality delights the customers and retains them in the longer run.
  • It tracks and records the quality inspection for the produced goods.
  • It also approves or rejects the finished goods before it gets transferred into final inventory.
Dashboards View
(Product Processing at a Glance)
  • Having a digitized view of business processes drives efficient business.
  • It enables users with an overall key performance indicator that directly influences business processes.
  • It helps you remain updated with your business practices and achieve desired goals.
Automated Reports
(Instant Auto-generated Reports)
  • It provides real-time reports of inventory in multiple warehouses.
  • It also provides you with various reports such as finished goods, raw materials, production register, and many more in just a few clicks.
  • Moreover, it assists in creating reports such as Forecasting, Work Order Summary instantly.