HRMS and Payroll Software for businesses is crucial for your business diversification and growth.
Fox ERP efficiently manages your employees' attendance, tracks leave and expenses, and handles onboarding, training, and appraisals. Moreover, it also processes payroll effortlessly with configurable salary structures and personalized payslips.
Talent Acquisition Management

Talent Acquisition Management is one of the aspects of the HR program. Selecting an acceptable candidate for a profile is required for uninterrupted business process flow for any department in an organization.

FOX ERP HR Module recruits and acquires talent intelligently.

It manages to hire with a built-in recruitment tool that allows you to plan workforce requirements, publish job openings on your website, review and email applicants, and store documents.

With linked data between staffing plans and job openings, FOX ERP ensures that an organization doesn’t exceed its HR budget.

Employee Repository

In the HR Process, managing employees’ critical information and data are complex and crucial for any organization.

Organizations use this information for internal audit purposes.

FOXERP lets employees upload and share multimedia files (such as images, videos, documents).

Employees can value more highly uploading the files directly or via a web link.

The FOX ERP is a sophisticated solution that secures and protects employee data from external theft and misuse.

Employee Training Process

Employee training is of utmost importance as it aligns with the business scope and objectives.

Training your employees enhances their performance skills, resulting in the diversification of the business.

HR operations need to ensure that the scheduling of training is done to enhance the efficiency of the employees.

Fox ERP, Human Resource Training Program module assists in efficiently training your employees.

It allows you to schedule training events for your employees in the organization, which is automatically linked to employee calendars so everyone can view scheduled training and plan their to-do lists accordingly.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s)

Having a track of performing metrics enhances the business performance.

Key Performance Indicator allows HR to judge the performance of the employees over a period.

The KPI needs to be defined for the employees by HR, and each KPI is different from the other.

FOX ERP-HR Module tracks your employee performance maverick-style and redefines team excellence.

With a built-in appraisal module and dashboard of essential HR KPIs, users can track their employees’ journeys and process salary hikes and bonuses for top performers.

Expense Management System

Tracking and managing expenses improve business efficiency.

Fox ERP HRMS & payroll software, manage your –

  • expenses
  • travel requests,
  • and employee advances efficiently.

It also helps the managers to see all employee expenses in one go. Its easy approvals and out-of-the-box configurable workflows help save the manual effort of managing expense claims.

Automatic Attendance Management

In an organization, attendance management is a critical aspect of HR operation. The monthly payroll processing gets delayed due to mismanagement of attendance.

FOX ERP HRMS tool flawlessly integrates attendance tracking with payroll and leave management.

It includes multiple options for capturing real-time attendance, including biometric hardware integration.

Moreover, it is a user-friendly application that allows you to run the payroll in just a click without any hassle.

Leave Management System

Managing leaves become tedious while dealing with multiple departments.

Now, you can configure Leave Management options for each department or business unit in an organization.

You can configure the weekends, set the number of working hours, grant permission to transfer leaves, and more, all within a few clicks.

All real-time leaves updates reflect the Leave Calendar & centralized leave summary ledgers, which give a transparent view of all employees’ leave information.

Payroll Period and Taxation Slabs

Defining payroll period and taxation slabs becomes crucial while dealing with several accounts.

Now, you can define the period for payroll processing and set tax salary slabs for employees with FOX ERP HRMS module.

Moreover, you can also add multiple tax slabs for a payroll period depending on their country’s tax regulations.

Thus, it allows you to calculate different countries’ Tax calculations at ease with FOX ERP – HR Module.

Salary Structures Configuration

Configurable salaries ease the salary structure for employees working in different departments.

Fox ERP makes salary structuring g easier.

With Fox ERP, you can attain different salary structures to reward high-performing or high-ranked employees.

Moreover, you can set different calculations for each salary structure based on configurable components, earnings, and deductions.

Now, assigns each employee or department to the salary structure, processes payroll, and watches salary slips automatically generate.

Processing Payroll Slip

Now forget the tedious process of sending payslips individually to your employees. It is a time-consuming process.

Sending payslips individually to several employees results in repetitive processes that consume time and incurs costs.

FOX ERP has automatic pay slip generation based on timesheets, salary components, and salary structures.

Once the payroll is processed, the payslips are sent instantly to the employees without any hassle.

Virtual Attendance Management

Tracking attendance efficiently is a challenge for any organization.

FOX ERP has a unique feature that allows the employees to work from a remote location. You can verify employee attendance with Fox ERP smart payroll software.

Time Sheet Management

In several organizations, the employees’ salary is calculated based on the number of hours contributed to a particular project.

If the number of hours is not tracked, the payroll processing gets hampered.

FOX ERP HR module assists you in tracking the number of hours employees worked via timesheets.

Thus, the extra hours worked automatically reflect on the payroll bill without any trouble.

Personalized Pay slips

Personalized payslips enhance the overall HRMS business performance.

With FOXERP’s easy customization capabilities, now you can create print formats with the organization’s branding to get that personalized feel.

You can include the organization’s letterhead, configure the format of salary components, or get a classy, professional look by information like the date of payment and pay period.

Variable Pay Processing

Calculation of variable pay sometimes is time-consuming and complex.

The probability of error is high while calculating the variable-pay manually.

Hence, Fox ERP streamlines the variable pay processing.

Be it for bonuses or departmental allowances, and you need to make ad-hoc adjustments in your salary structure.

Thus, the FOX ERP additional Salary feature lets you add or deduct salaries for a particular employee while processing payroll in just a few clicks.

Pay slip Security Measurement

The confidentiality of the payslip is a critical aspect.

Salaries are kept confidential for a smooth HRMS practice It would help if you took the proper measurement for maintaining the security of the payslip with the employees. Fox ERP ensures confidentiality to the employees.

It secures employees’ payslips through its password configuration settings.

The salary slips are available to the respective employees only, their password ensuring the utmost security.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Now, you can create your HRMS and payroll software.

This not only saves costs but also improves the overall business performance.

FOX ERP allows mapping the vital data by adding custom fields in the forms.

The customized auto-fetching values hide fields based on your roles and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.