Help desk or customer support plays a significant role in customer engagement. It helps in building customer relationships and retaining clients.

FOX ERP Help desk Module provides the necessary support to the businesses and handles customers Issues with utmost ease.

It comes with

Real-time Notification Update

Streamlining customer support is essential for any organization in the service industry.

It assists in prompt solutions to the customer’s query.

FOXERP includes configurable dashboards that help streamline service issues.

Its real-time status feature allows you to identify the customer traffic and bottlenecks that provide the best solution.

It is a user-friendly ERP solution compatible with all businesses.

Omnichannel Interactions Process

FOX ERP prevents you from missing out on calls. It easily converts all interactions into data so that your sales team does not have to juggle between apps.

Moreover, with Call Popup, you can receive LIVE notifications of incoming calls on their desktop.

FOX ERP prevents from missing out on calls at any point in time.

It also assists you in turning emails in your inbox into leads with SaaS Helpdesk Support.

Automate Ticketing

Managing Customer query efficiently is essential for any organization.

You can lose your customer if the query is now solved promptly,

FOX ERP minimizes the load of manually setting the ticket-up assignment rules (such as round-robin or load balancing).

It automatically assigns tickets among the team, thereby increasing the response time to the customer query, empowering the SaaS help desk to meet commitments in time.

Enhance Team Efficiency

Efficiently managing the customer support team is one of the secrets of Customer relationship building.

FOX ERP addresses support tickets with multiple assignments and mentions.

It includes reports and monitors the performance of the support team.

Moreover, it also analyzes the ticket traffic (including open and closed tickets).

Service Level Agreement

Customer support is a crucial element of any business.

FOX ERP Customer Support personalizes the customer experience with SLAs (for support policy, response, and resolution times, etc.) based on the expectations an organization sets with customers.

It assists in tracking the success and scope of improvement in the support process.

Customer Portal Management

Customer relationship is of utmost importance.

This tool enhances customer interaction and boosts the customer experience with FOX ERP.

It allows your customers to track the status of customers’ issues and update them about the action taken on the FOX ERP Portal.

The customer has full transparency of the process in the portal like – opening sales orders, tracking shipments via delivery note status, raising issue tickets, and tracking resolution details, among others.

Scheduling Maintenance

Scheduling and maintaining regular visits to the clients’ sites ensures the quality and precision of the products.

It repairs the damages, if any, and adds to the added features of the products, which further enhances the product quality.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) refers to regular maintenance visits at the customer site that keep the products in good condition.

FOX ERP’s Scheduling Maintenance feature captures all the details of the visits at customers’ points.

You can also generate an auto-maintenance schedule for a predefined period for an effective maintenance schedule.