Now avail all Critical information instantly for healthcare decision making with FOX ERP for Healthcare.

It manages the entire healthcare business cycle with unique features by tracking and recording the necessary information and the overall healthcare management cycle.
Importance of ERP in the Healthcare Industry
  • The healthcare market is projected to reach a massive USD 1 billion in the coming few years.
  • This growth attributes to rising medical awareness programs for the safety and betterment of people across the globe.
  • In the competitive healthcare market, Healthcare organizations need to stand out.
  • FOX ERP for Healthcare is a next-gen ERP product that takes the healthcare business ahead of the competition by securing critical medical information and providing instant assistance solutions with data for decision making.
Patient Repository
  • Healthcare institutions deal with massive data of patients.
  • Managing and tracking this data remains the topmost priority for healthcare institutions.
  • With Fox ERP, you can manage patients’ critical information and programs in one single place.
  • It tracks, keeps, and manages patients’ critical information to drive critical business insights.
Healthcare Practitioners
  • Linking multiple healthcare practitioners to their patients is crucial for an effective healthcare service.
  • Fox ERP allows you to create multiple practitioners like doctors, nurses, etc. and links them to their appropriate access permission.
  • Moreover, it also connects the employees to their respective employee documents to access their leaves, payroll, and other HR-related data.
Practitioner Schedule
  • At times, patients find it challenging to have an appointment owing to a large volume of patients.
  • Fox ERP allows the patients to view the practitioner’s availability and book an appointment accordingly.
  • The system also blocks patients’ appointments based on the availability of the slot.
  • This enables patients to leverage the benefits of healthcare service as per their ease and preferences.
Manage Patient Appointments
  • Managing patients’ appointment enhances the patient-doctor consultation process.
  • It allows patients to book a consultation with practitioners as per their availability.
  • It streamlines the consultation process by assigning each patient to their consultation time and date.
  • It also prevents double appointment booking with the practitioners and shares an automated notification to the patient via email.
Storage Management
  • Practitioners stores multiple reports, notes, and information of their patients.
  • It becomes tedious to manage these reports due to their larger volumes.
  • With Fox ERP, you can record all forms of documents, images, and videos.
  • Thus, it assists doctors in getting instant reference of their patients’ history instantly.
Patient Records Management
  • Having patients’ history is crucial for effective healthcare treatment.
  • FOX ERP provides the entire patient history right from the beginning of their association with your organization.
  • It allows primary details, allergies, past medications, patient interactions with doctors, and so on.
  • This makes the entire healthcare consultation process more manageable as the healthcare practitioners get all required details in a single place.
Notification and Updates
  • FOX ERP simplifies the communication process between the Healthcare Clinic and patients.
  • It notifies the patients and their guardians about the appointment, medical check-up, and follow-up.
  • It communicates to the concerned party with auto-generated emails on their respective email id.
  • It also keeps track of the replies of the email thread, all in one place.
Patient Encounters Process
  • Previous appointments enable patients in creating future appointments.
  • This feature of FOX ERP allows the users to create a patient encounter based on a previously booked appointment.
  • It populates the patient-related details and the latest vital signs, patient records, and other important information.
  • All the relevant details of patients pop up at the time of their visit.
Printable Prescriptions
  • Patients’ observations in digitized form eases the consultation processes.
  • The overall healthcare consultation process gets easier with this feature of Fox ERP.
  • With Fox ERP, you can record the observations and assessments of all the patients’ consultations in prescriptions in a simple form.
  • It changes the hospital letterhead, updates the data fields, focuses on the relevant data required, and many more.
Clinical Process Management
  • Managing clinical processes becomes crucial when healthcare institutions deal with many patients.
  • FOX ERP assists in planning clinical processes.
  • For example, you can map clinical procedures such as wound cleaning, ultrasonography, endoscopy, or waterfall medical procedure.
  • It also links the sample collection document collected after the clinical procedure.
  • It also allows automated billing based on consultation charges and medical stocks.
Medicines & Equipment Management
  • Healthcare institutions deals with massive number of medicines and equipment.
  • Managing them becomes difficult at times due to the large volume.
  • Fox ERP lets you to view medical product availability and medical stock levels in the warehouses.
  • This feature also keeps a real-time view of medical equipment by barcode scanning.
Billing & Pricing Process
  • Businesses dealing with multiple business activities often chase payments and receivables.
  • Fox ERP streamlines the billing and pricing process.
  • It creates autogenerated invoices for patients and follow-up on them by sending payment requests via email and SMS notifications.
  • Customers’ default print format template processes the transaction faster with a single configuration.
Automated Stock Replenishment Process
  • Healthcare institutions cannot afford the stockouts, especially in cases of emergency.
  • Fox ERP ensures the medicines, equipment, and inventory availability to avoid the risk of stockouts.
  • It automatically creates a medical stock request once the stock level is below the reorder level.
  • It also lets you send email notifications to avoid the risk of stockouts.