Simplify the Education System with FOX ERP Education Software.

FOX ERP for Education is a technologically advanced ERP product for educational institutions and schools. It assists schools in managing students, teachers, multiple courses, and all academic programs with a user-friendly interactive portal built under FOX ERP.
ERP Solution for Academic Institution
  • Government across the globe is taking more initiatives in educational infrastructure development for students.
  • Moreover, with technological advancement, various business hubs are developing educational infrastructure.
  • FOX ERP for education helps with the following:
  • Assists students in academics
  • Manages institutions’ expenditure.
  • Secures and maintains critical information within the system among others.
Students Application Management
  • Dealing with many students, managing their documents becomes difficult.
  • FOX ERP for Education manages all academic programs under one roof.
  • It helps you with students’ application management with utmost ease.
  • Once a Student Application is submitted, it directly gets recorded in the system.
  • On approval of the application, the student gets added to the Student Master Database instantly, and an autogenerated mail is sent to the student from Fox ERP.
Students Record Management
  • Managing students’ information is of utmost importance.
  • Fox ERP manages students’ records.
  • With Fox ERP, you can maintain students’ critical information.
  • FOX ERP for Education records students’ details such as-
  • Personal Information
  • Students Photo
  • DOB details
  • Address and Contact Number.
Apart from this basic information, FOX ERP stores information such as-
  • Guardian Name and Contact Details
  • Siblings – (If Any)
You can also archive documents like student photos, certificates, and others, with Fox ERP.
Storage Management
  • Dealing with many students, maintaining their details becomes essential.
  • Fox ERP eases this process as it stores, tracks, and manages the critical information of each student.
  • FOX ERP for Education contains multiple documents and information such as images and certificates of each student in the academic institution.
  • This enables you efficiently store students’ information.
Academic Instructor Management
  • Managing academic instructors become important while delivering expertise education to the students.
  • FOX ERP for Education defines the schedule of the courses (including class notes/room allotted) for students.
  • It also assists in assigning a proper invigilator or instructor for the students.
  • Fox ERP thereby ensures an efficient education system for the students, thereby increasing the standards of the education system.
Effective Program Enrollment Process
  • Enrolling students and then allocating the programs of their choice is imperative to deliver quality education.
  • Fox ERP smooths this process with its program enrollment feature.
  • Program Enrolment enables students to select the right course for a particular academic year and optional academic term.
  • The administrator with FOX ERP creates a student enrollment once the student is selected for the enrollment process.
  • The mandatory courses in the academic program automatically get filled in the form.
Academic Courses & Program Planning
  • Academic courses and program planning is necessary for an effective education system.
  • FOX ERP for Education defines the program schedule in all stages of education in an institution.
  • The administration board can easily include courses or elective subjects under a designed program.
  • It also sets the mandatory courses under a defined program structure.
  • The assigned unique code helps map a defined program under a respective department.
  • It enhances the overall educational acti8vities, thereby managing the entire academic courses and planning.
Students’ Attendance Management
  • Students’ attendance is an integral part of educational activities.
  • Fox ERP for Education streamlines the attendance process most efficiently.
  • It manages students’ attendance every time effortlessly.
  • The student attendance tool allows instructors to mark attendance faster with simple checkboxes, while the system creates corresponding attendance records in the backend.
Student Fees Processing
  • Fees and its structure define the revenue of an educational institute.
  • Maintaining the up-to-date fees record of the students is a critical element for an academic institution.
  • Fox ERP tracks and manages the students’ fees.
  • It includes various categories such as classroom tutorials, industrial visits, and accommodation.
  • Student details and a detailed fee structure are available in the Fee module.
  • This module lets you view paid amounts and outstanding amount details instantly.
Assessment Planning Process
  • Assessing students’ plans play a crucial role in students’ performance.
  • Fox ERP creates assessment plans and generates instant assessment results based on the Assessment Result Tool.
  • Moreover, it captures details like student group details, grade scale, assessment criteria, examiner/supervisor details with utmost ease.
  • It thereby increases the overall efficiency of the entire educational activities.
Learning Management System (LMS)
FOX ERP for Education is bundled with a Learning Management System (LMS).
  • It allows the academic institutions to publish the results on their website
  • Programs get updated with enriched articles, referred videos, and documents.
  • Student progress gets tracked both on the desktop and the portal.
  • By default, LMS is disabled but can be enabled from Settings.