Now Streamline the Distribution channels with simplified and flexible ERP Distribution software - FOX ERP for Distribution.

It incorporates with the stock management system and assists organizations in controlling stocks and accounting. Moreover, its Serial Number and Batch Tracking features track each product or batch in inventory. It lets you set up and integrate web-based interfaces like Amazon, WooCommerce, or Shopify records in just a few clicks.
Get insights into your Business with FOX ERP for Distribution
  • Distribution businesses need digitized business practices for an efficient functioning.
  • Compatible with any gadget, FOX ERP is an easy-to-understand, ERP product.
  • Easily incorporated with stock, it deals with the entire business with real-time stocks status and accounts.
  • With Fox ERP for Distribution, you can track each item in your inventory.
  • It tracks each item or batch number in the inventory with the Batch Tracking features and Serial Number.
  • Thus, it monitors inventory tracking, validates stock levels, manages inter-warehouse transfers, and creates produce reports for specific warehouses at your fingertips.
Stock Management
  • FOX ERP uses integrated inventory to give you a real-time view of product availability.
  • You can manage inventory levels, stock transfers, and much more.
  • It maintains details of your equipment, products, and warehouses by tracking transfer and delivery of the products
  • It helps in noting items received as batches, along with manufacturing and expiration dates.
Multi-store management
  • Businesses deal with multiple stores these days, so managing them becomes essential.
  • You can register new results of the business instantly.
  • It configures dimensions for each branch and analyzes expenses, stock movements, profits & losses to derive the overall profitability of the distribution business.
  • Moreover, you can track real-time shipping rates and in-transit shipping details.
Multiple Product variants
  • It manages the inventory of stocks and their variants separately under the primary category.
  • It makes your items stored as an item template with the variants stored as item variants.
  • By doing this, the tedious process of managing numerous items with different shapes, colors, and dimensions becomes far simpler.
  • Also, it allows the distributors/ inventory managers to access variants of products in just a few clicks.
Promotional Management
  • Promotions improve the visibility of products, thereby enhancing the business profitability.
  • It helps both small and large businesses.
  • Managing discounts is difficult, especially for large merchants.
  • With the promotional schemes, you can manage various parties or conditions.
  • It helps you run lower prices for your items for a limited period to attract more customers.
  • Promotional schemes change the pricing rules automatically.
Automate stock replenishment
  • Stockouts hampers the businesses.
  • It results in a mismatch of demand and supply, thereby negatively affecting the business, which is undesirable for any business.
  • The Distribution Model creates a material request automatically once the stock level goes below the reorder level.
  • It also sends email notifications to the stock and purchase managers procuring goods and avoiding the risk of stockouts.
Multi-channel Platform
  • Businesses deal with multiple business units at a single given point in time.
  • Fox ERP helps businesses in managing multiple channels instantly.
  • It allows you to integrate Sales applications like Shopify / Amazon and others with FOX ERP for Distribution Model.
  • It configures applications with the FOX ERP Distribution Model.
Multi-currency Feature
  • Businesses these days are done in multiple currencies.
  • This feature allows the distributors to carry out the business in a different currency.
  • It makes accounting entries in multiple currencies by managing invoices, expenses, and other transactions in different currencies.
  • It lets you generate invoices, adds value in any unit, and automatically convert to the base currency.
  • Also, it assists you in seeing monetary transactions and multi-currency reports.
Billing and pricing Process
  • Keeping track of invoices becomes difficult when dealing with massive orders.
  • With the billing and pricing feature, you can create autogenerated invoices for customers.
  • You can follow up with your customers by sending email and SMS notifications payment requests.
  • Its customer default print format template allows you to process the transaction faster.
  • It makes billing and pricing easy and results in enhanced business processes.
Credits & Receivables Process
  • Tracking credits and receivables eases the financial aspects of businesses.
  • With Fox ERP, you can manage customers better and create loyalty programs and pricing schemes for your business in just a few clicks.
  • It helps in controlling credit limits, receivables, and customer billing.
  • It keeps your transactions updated.
  • It sends estimates to the clients, converts them to invoices, and gets paid online on time.
  • It assists in sales transparency through the customer portal.