Now Close your sales faster than ever with FOX ERP – CRM Module

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing your organization’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. FOX ERP CRM Module is a user-friendly application that assists you in generating leads faster, optimizes the sales process, and assures your business is growing fast.
Close sales faster with FOX ERP – CRM

Boosting sales and retaining customers is one of the critical aspects of businesses these days.

FOXERP is the best tool for expanding business in a short period.

It performs CRM activities, thereby helping you scale your business.

It assists you in getting leads, driving your sales forces, automating mundane tasks, connect with your prospects.

It allows you to grow your business — all with the real customer-centric CRM.

Omnichannel Interactions Management

Mostly we miss out on calls from our prospective leads.

FOX ERP CRM Module prevents you from missing out on calls.

It easily converts all interactions into data so that your sales team does not have to juggle between apps.

Moreover, with Call Popup, you can receive LIVE notifications of incoming calls on their desktop. Thus, it prevents missing out on calls at any point in time. It also assists you in turning emails in your inbox into leads with CRM software. So, now work with multi-channel customer support with FOX ERP CRM Module.

Automate Chores Management

Managing the daily task sometimes gets tuff and out of control. As a result, it can act as a hindrance to day-to-day business.

FOX ERP reduces the overhead of manual work by setting up assignment rules.

It automatically distributes leads among the team and allows sufficient time to respond to customers’ queries.

Moreover, the CRM module empowers the sales team to meet commitments on time.

Enhancing in efficiently managing the Sales Team.

Sales drives the profits to any business and unidentified sales figures incur losses.

Hence, managing the sales team is one of the significant aspects of any business.

Marshaling it will lead to achieving targets regularly without any hindrance.

FOX ERP includes a unique report to monitor team performance and analyze all prospective lead traffic or sales stage.

Total Visibility of Sales Pipeline

It is essential to grab the narrowest opportunity in sales and marketing of any business, to make the right decision to be ahead of the competition.

Missed opportunities to grab on leads incurs losses.

Also, it hampers the chances of scaling businesses to reach greater heights.

FOX ERP CRM module includes a real-time view of sales and marketing opportunities, which helps the users craft a strategy to increase their lead-to-deal conversion rates.

Quotation to client Management

The first impression to the client is always essential.

Sending a crisp, professional, and objective-oriented quotation leads to retaining several clients at one go.

Non-professional quotations lead you to lose your client event before the first meeting.

FOX ERP – CRM module allows you to customize the formal template as per the client profile using HTLM or Jinja templating. It is only one-time activity. You can use the same template for a similar type of client.

Digital Marketing Support

Digital Marketing is an essential part of marketing in today’s era.

It assists you in reaching out to your prospective leads faster, but the biggest challenge is to convert those leads into clients.

FOX ERP – CRM Module has a unique tool to assist you in closing the leads faster than ever before.

You can send professional bulk emails via email campaign to your prospective leads.

Moreover, it also helps analyze the email campaigns, allowing you to convert those leads into clients faster.